May 7, 2013

Barbara's Still Knitting

Maybe when school's out I'll have the brain space for something more creative, but in the meantime I'm happily knitting along.  I finished one sweater in worsted weight for the Afghans for Afghans 500 Sweater campaign, and then figured I could knock off a second one before the June deadline.

This one is knit on size 13 needles with bulky weight yarn, so it's going faster than the first.  Both patterns are from Ann Budd's book The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters.   I'm stash-busting with these sweaters, clearing out some odd balls of yarn.  The blue, yellow and green yarn in the second sweater are actually worsted weight that I'm double-stranding to approximate bulky weight yarn, and it's working out fine.  Make due is my current motto where yarn acquisition is involved.  I'm making exceptions, however, for needles, patterns, and anything irresistible.


Munir said...

Amazing !
I wish that my Mom was around to see these. She used to love knitting. We still have a couple of her things around that she made for kids.

Debra Spincic said...

I actually let go of the pocketbook long enough to make a fabric purchase this weekend. I understand "make due" perfectly.

Both are great looking sweaters & will be appreciated, I am sure.
I am out of wool yarn or I would be crocheting some more vests. Those were easy to do.

cq4fun said...

Very attractive sweaters, and for a good cause. Sounds like knitting is sort of a mindless occupation for you, and sometimes we just need that kind of project because we don't have time for one that requires thinking.

Suztats said...

Nice sweaters! I've only ever finished one sweater, and it was very plain and simple. These are too difficult for me to attempt, so kudos to you!

ladyhawthorne said...

Very nice sweaters and they look pretty warm too. One day I need to practice my knitting more, I'm, pretty much a beginner.

Pat in KS said...

Third time is a charm right???? I hate this Windows 8!

I have tried twice now this is the third time.....I love your knitting!
I know someone will really enjoy these sweaters.


Suztats said...

Pat, I am having trouble with Windows 8, too. My mail is not arriving in my mailbox, nor are my messages being sent. Have you tried syncing! Have you checked your settings? Go to settings, choose accounts, your mail accounts will show up and you may have to adjust your choices......see if it work...if you get this message.....argh

Cyra said...

Love the jumpers Barbara. You are knitting up a storm, lol.

I never had to knit a jumper for any of my kids because my mum was such an avid knitter that she knitted at least ten jumpers for each of her grandchildren, and I've lost count how many grandkids she had..
Would you believe.... I never learnt to knit, and I still can't to this day (give me a crochet hook though and I'm in heaven)