April 2, 2013

Susan: March Reveal - I'm Late! I'm Late!

I completely meant to set this up last night, knowing I was trying out a quilt bee here in Knox today...and I forgot! The good news is that I finished the block during the bee. =) Here ya go: March CQJP2013 Reveal

Seam 5:

Seam 7:

Seams 6 a & b:

The whole block - ta da!

Debra, I'm still thinking about French knots and stars and xs on the fireworks. I'm going to see what it looks like when the blocks are together, then decide.


Debra Spincic said...

Definitely love the chain stitch feather Vstitch!

Cy said...

That is a very interesting array of stitches Susan. Love the combo in yellow on the left. The white chain stitch pieces above and below the pic is gorgeous too.
You have raised-the-bar with this project Susan. I'm gobsmacked with all the NEW stitch combinations you are coming up with. Playtime extraordinaire.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

Really cute and again, I love the red, white & blue!

Suztats said...

Such a cutie, isn't she? Wonderful stitches, Susan. I like the arrows, but my fave is the variegated band on the left.

cq4fun said...

Sorry! When the post got moved, it messed up the spacing. There was all kinds of extra html added in that threw everything off center. Probably easier to see now!

Thank you all for your comments. I really enjoyed doing this one. It might be my favorite, so far. =) Now I have to make the April block and get going on it, too!

Judy S. said...

What a fun block! How about a photo with all of them so far?