April 30, 2013

Cy ~ I Deviate From My Path

I have spent a lot of time this week editing photos and creating my new
Travel & Adventure-Blog.


It has been a bit of a weird week on the stitching front.
I was leaping ahead with my Crazy Mandala Quilt last week, and I was happy that I knew exactly what the next step was going to be........ but..... (there is always a 'but')...

....... I chose to pick up a completely different project to work on.

This is a U.F.O. that I started about eight or nine years ago.
This project sits in a satchel near my front door. It is my QSK, or, Quilter's Survival Kit, and is ready with all the necessary sewing items in the satchel for me to grab on my way out of the door for when I need a quick and easy sewing project to take with me......on appointments or meetings etc.

As it has been quite a while since I have needed to grab my QSK, and I decided I would like to stitch a bit more on it.

I love the 3-D optical illusion. A whole new dimension.

I have completed 4 of these 'Building Block' shapes this week. 
The Building Blocks are not joined together yet as I wait until I have about 50 or more before sorting out the block placements so that I can get the colour gradations in the right positions.

I am very pleased that I laid these blocks out today for the photos above, because I discovered that I had stitched two blocks together the wrong way round on my last session.
Time to 'un-sew' those trouble-makers.

Happy Stitching


Debra Spincic said...

I do exactly the same thing--swing through projects and cycles of enthusiasm. Nothing wrong with that!

I've always liked the Building Blocks layouts.

ladyhawthorne said...

Shades of Escher! Reminds me of the Drunkard's Path quilt my Nana made. Very confusing to put together, I don't know how many times we took out seams to get it right.
Love the gray tones, very elegant.

Suztats said...

I like these building blocks- I fell in love with Kaffe Fassett's BB sweater pattern a long time ago. Too, I like the optical illusion this can inspire. Looking forward to seeing more.

Judy S. said...

Nice! Isn't it amazing how the camera sees things the eye doesn't?

desertskyquilts said...

I love how your blocks make that illusion. I use a camera to see things often, too.