April 16, 2013

Angela ~ St Nicholas UFO, My Next Project

My next UFO to work on is St. Nicholas. 
Here's the original pattern photo, it came from The Holy Needle which is no longer in business.
And here's my progress so far:
I have one last corner to finish and then I can do the halo.  The one he was given in the pattern seems pretty wimpy to me so I am planning to make it larger and use gold metallic blending thread on it.

This is the first cross stitch I have ever done on linen and the first I have done where there are no outlines to be done.  This really makes it look like a painting.  It takes a vast amount of thread colors though, but I think it is worth it.

I collect Bishop Nicholas figurines so when I found this pattern online I had to have it.  This is probably about 4-5 months of evening stitching so far.  Something else came up and this got put down and has just been waiting for about 2 years or so.

Check my blog if you want to see my collection of figurines.


Suztats said...

it's coming along beautifully! I like your idea for the halo. This will be stunning when it's finished!

Debra Spincic said...

Really regal!

I bought a bunch of Virgin Mary patterns from The Holy Needle before they closed. My intent has always been to transfer them to machine embroidery cross stitch files.

Cy said...

So, possibly another month or two and this St. Nicholas will be finished? Would be nice with the altered halo you have planned too, love that idea.
Lovely collection of figurines. Do you keep them out on show all year? I would.

Judy S. said...

Boy, oh, boy that's a lot of work there! And all those close color changes, too.
This is going to be a lovely piece when you finish, Angela, a real treasure!

Stiching4fun said...

Your St. Nicholas is beautiful!!! I understand the many hour & changing colors I did a Lighthouse took me over a year! But I love it.

Will be neat when it is finished.

cq4fun said...

I'm completely impressed by this piece. The patience it takes to make such a work of art is completely outside my realm of possibility. Also the vision. =) It's beautiful!