March 19, 2013

Suz-CQJP, TAST and Heart Update

I've added a few seam embellishments to my March block:
I thought these cute buttons looked like roses
there's a row of bullion stitches, too
but maybe the silk ribbon ones look more like wild roses...okay then, more like a
 French knot fun with added beads
 on one side of the line of alternating rectangles with chain stitch is last week's TAST- woven detached chain stitch Almost visible on the opposite side-detached chain stitches
a closer look at the woven detached chain stitch
and my March block is almost finished!

The Sandy Hook Heart is completed, and on its way.

one  amaryllis  is getting ready to open and there are four flowers on the stalk!
day 2 shows the flowers open a little more
I wonder how open they'll be tomorrow?

Hope you've had a good week. Right now it's storming outside, and the snow is,  c'mon, where is spring?
oh, well, at least I have a pretty flower to admire.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


cq4fun said...

We had horrendous rain and thunder and lightning most of yesterday, and it's totally sunny today. The temps are dropping back into forties, though. I can't believe spring is so slow this year! When it finally comes, I hope it stays a while and doesn't rush right into summer!

I love your woven chains, and the embellishments you added this week. The French knots and beads is a great look on that block.

Suztats said...

I'd take the rain over the snow we're getting. =~(
I'm getting to love french knots.

Debra Spincic said...

I really like the buttons and your rosy daisies!

Suztats said...

rosy-daisies - I like that.

Debra Spincic said...


ladyhawthorne said...

Rose daisies work for me and I like the look a lot. My amaryllis in the garden is almost ready to bloom, a couple more of these 80 degree days and it will.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I love the buttons, the embroidery and the amaryllis! I nearly bought some tulips for my office today. I might just do that tomorrow.

Suztats said...

Will you post pics of your amaryllis?

Suztats said...

It's lovely to have fresh flowers in your work space. I plan to pick up some this week in town--it;s been a long winter, and it's hanging in there...sniff

Cy said...

Love those cute buttons and all this beautiful stitching on this block Suz. You have created some lovely seam treatments here. Lots of textural stitches too, which I really like.

We, in the North Island of New Zealand, have officially been declared a drought now. It has been the longest, hottest summer on record. Luckily we have finally just had a couple downpours of needed rain, but not enough for the brown fields to recover. Our farm has it's own supply of water from our streams for the fields and the cows troughs, so we are not as bad off as some others in the area. Yesterday and today the temp has been just under 80degrees, which is a LOT cooler than it has been for quite a few months.

Debra Spincic said...

I'm afraid TX will be headed for another drought this summer. It will be the 3rd summer if that happens. We are getting used to water rationing.

ladyhawthorne said...

Sure, as soon as it opens!

ladyhawthorne said...

My folks are already on water rationing in north central TX.

Stiching4fun said...

Oh how I love what you have done and that rosey-daisy is wonderful! That is one of the things I will be practicing on while I am on vacation want to take some ribbon and play.
We here in KS are in a severe drought area as well, we have had a little moisture the last 3 wks and hopefully will get some more this week end, they are for casting snow but it takes alot of snow to produce the same amount of moisture as rain.

Really enjoyed looking at your progress!

Pat G.

Judy S. said...

Suz, I love the way your heart turned out. Nice addition of the buttons. Do you think we'll ever hear what happens to the hearts?

Suztats said...

Thanks Judy. I think to know they are going to offer a little love and healing to those who have lost a beloved family member may have to suffice. Due to the nature of the project, I think anonymity of the recipients is necessary, although that is just my impression. You might contact Leslie and ask her about getting feedback. I thought there was to be a flickr site where all the hearts and blocks were to be posted, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Since it’s not yet the closing date, perhaps it will happen later.