March 3, 2013

Patricia Hearts/Satin Stitch/Knots & more Knots

I was hoping to get my Feb. block finihsed still plan on putting some little something in the purple area.

On this view I put the hearts on the light purple fabric, addeded gold leaves to the green flowers, did a little Stain stitching on the blue area, bead work on the white lace added brooch.

This is a close up of the Colonial Knots, added some running stitches and also ribbon flowers. Add caption

Looks like I missed my little green ares with the pink flowers on it.!

Have my fabric picked out for March block hope to have it ready this afternoon been under the weather this week..

Thanks for looking!


Debra Spincic said...

It sounds like it's been a long week for everyone!

ladyhawthorne said...

Hope you are feeling better Patricia, sounds like you are staying on target.

You might want to back off from your piece when taking your photos to keep them in focus. There are a number of free photo editing programs, I like irfanview, so you can crop the photo for a closeup. If the blur is due to your arms shaking -something I deal with too - try leaning your arms on the back of a chair to steady them.

Cy said...

Ooh Pat, I love the beads added to the lacy bits, and the satin stitches on the blue piece add a nice bit of texture to the piece. I like the running stitch and colonial knot area too. Heck, I love it all, lol.
That is very good photography advice from Angela (above) =)

Cy said...

p.s. I hope you are soon feeling better Pat.
I think we all need a good dose of vit-C to help clear away the bugs.

Judy S. said...

Love those heart-shaped buttons! Your ribbon flowers are nice too.

Suztats said...

Looking good, Pat, and I hope you're feeling better. For photo editing, I use's free and easy I found.

cq4fun said...

The whole block is intriguing, but I really like the stitching on the gold fabric. There's so much going on, and it looks very textured.