March 19, 2013

Debra: Snowflakes & Jacobean WIP

Here is where I have stalled on the Snowflake wallhanging. I just don't know what to do next.

I've added all the doilies I have that I think will work.  I relented and added a few beige ones into the mix.  Part of me is more interested in seeing the patterns on the doilies than interpreting snowflakes.

Before I jump in and commit to machine embroidered snowflakes I need to decide where to put them.  I do like the idea of sprinkling the smaller ones amongst the larger ones & vice versa. 

I'm concerned that most of the seams will be covered. 

I have 3 long panels.  Do I sew them all together and then work on this as one big piece? 
I feel like I should sew down the doilies before the hand embroidery so I know what is where.  Plus, I can enjoy the doilies as I work.  Agree?

And while the snowflakes are melting on the design wall, I pulled together the Jacobean embroidery I've been stitching the past year.  I have enough for a large wallhanging I can hang in my living room.
I'm envisioning 9-20" squares in the middle (3 x 3 arrangement) with a dark border of 12ish" squares.  I have about 78" --I have a rod over my couch that I can change out wallhangings.

I'm going to use this for the middle square.  It's about 11 x 8 and has the look of a central motif to me.
I'm using blue, blue greens, greens and some grey in the 3 x 3 blocks.  Pretty boring fabrics by themselves but hopefully with the colorful embroidery on the surface, they will look like good backgrounds.

During the past few years I have collected a lot of drapery samples so they will go into the mix.  Some have embroidery on them already and I especially want to use them.  I am also tired of all the little samples so I plan to do some chunky piecing of those and use as parts of the block.  I am planning to piece more like patchwork than abstract crazy piecing (maybe it's the same idea as Susan??)
I expect this to be a long term project & I don't plan to rush through it, she said foolishly.

Chime in with comments and answers!  Love the interaction.


cq4fun said...

First, I definitely like the way the doilies look. I think if you don't sew the three strips together, it will be harder to get the doilies exactly in the right place. At least, it would be for me! And I would sew the doilies down before embellishing anything. I think it's okay that there's less embellishing space, because in this piece, the embellishing is secondary to the doilies.

Suztats said...

I agree with cq4fun about the strips, and attaching the doilies before embellishing. I will mention that my eye is drawn to one section of the proposed quilt. Just below and left of the large doily in the top row is the first of 3 doilies that seem to create a perfect diagonal line. The third one has a twin almost beside it. Perhaps moving the center doily slightly would prevent the diagonal line. The second twin might exchange places with another small doily so that the two are not so close to one another. Just a thought.
As for your Jacobean hanging--wow! Love the Jacobean designs! Love the turquoise! Is the turquoise repeating in each square? It looks as though it repeats in many of them and I was just wondering.

Debra Spincic said...

There can never be enough torquoise! My intent is for all the machine and hand stitching to be loud bright intense colors. A real riot of color!

Yes, I noticed that set of spiderweb looking doilies too. I fiddle with them every now and then when I do into my studio. I think the next step is to sew the panels together and start adding the machine embroidered snowflakes. Maybe I can get that done for next week's Reveal.

Cy said...

The snowflakes are looking great. Loving the idea, and can't wait to see more. I agree that the backing will have to be joined together first before the snowflakes are attached. You need to cross over (or overlap) each seam as you come to it, and that would be rather difficult without the crazy blocks all stitched together.

Jacobean quilt - what a fabulous way to bring all these beautiful embroideries together. The patchwork blocks would definitely work better than a crazy quilt background. Another winner from you Debra, but, remind yourself that you need to take this project slow and easy. I can't think of anything better than to 'ponder' a while with these embroideries.

ladyhawthorne said...

I pretty much agree with others about sewing all the blocks together and sewing down the doilies. I see that diagonal line too so just a smidge of movement on the doilies should change it.

The Jacobean piece will be fabulous, I love all the colors in the central piece.

Stiching4fun said...

I agree with ladyhawthorne, just a little movement will break up the diagonal line.

I have never done Jacobean but have bought a book. I like what you have done so maybe that will give me the inspiration to try my hand at it.

Pat G.