February 17, 2013

Suz- February Update and WIPs

I finished my February block!
Here's how it looked last time:

I added some cream gimp cast-on chains to the dark brown trim

and a bit of sparkly thread to a short seam

although I didn't like covering that nice lace pattern, I think adding the gimp repeats the colour in the gimp- and-pearls-trim, as well as the 'pearls' in the combination seam treatment. It also picks up the colour of the fabric beneath the trim, and lightens the whole effect. I felt the darker trim was too heavy .
 What do you think?
The other seams will be left bare until the blocks are joined together.

the block for March
center block for my CQJP has been prepared. I sewed Debra's embroidered roses to the large crocheted doily, then edged the rose motif with some of the tea-dyed lace. It's backed with a white table napkin that I found at the second-hand shop.
Heart for Sandy Hook
I completed sewing the gimp trim to the heart, added some stuffing, then attached it to the block.
Some of the seams have beginning embellishments, and work will continue on this.

at StitchMap, we had a Fun Friday Tute, and the challenge was to create a needlebook decorated with  sashiko embroidery.

sashiko:  a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery)
This was challenging, as my pattern kept disappearing. I had used a new-to-me wax-free tracing paper and the white tracing rubbed off as easily as if it were chalk. sigh

So this meant that my pattern wobbled here and there.....and the individual designs are not as well defined as I'd like
the stitching was very meditative, though, and this pattern creates a nice geometric design. I may just do some more in future

Still no TAST. Guess I shall have to play catch up next week.  maybe... ;-}

That's it for now

Hope you've been having a great weekend!

Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz


Debra Spincic said...

I really like that rich brown trim (in the lower right corner). I would use lots of brown charms, buttons, etc for accents to carry the earthy browns around the block. How about a button swag in the patch to the left?

Your rose trellis is beautiful. I hope there will be many more in other blocks!

ladyhawthorne said...

The brown trim did not bother me at all but I rather like the scallops you added.
That sashiko is cool. Reminds me of the quilting done on caps, jerkins and bodices from hundreds of years ago.

Suztats said...

Some good ideas, thanks Deb, but I was trying to stay away from the dark browns and keep more to the creams, and creamed coffee colours.
I expect there will be more rose trellises and it was so fun to do!

Suztats said...

I do like the way the sashiko turned out, and I like the optical illusion--when I look closely at it, I can see the different patterns in the design, and changes with every angle.

Debra Spincic said...

OK, cream with some brown accents! Remember the rule of 3: light, med and dark!

Cy said...

The stand out piece for me is the filet crochet piece, lol, but I'm just a softie for anything crochet, hahaha.
Absolutely love your gimp cast-on stitches. What a treat that block is.
Sashiko is gorgeous too. It's amazing how many designs can be seen with just this one pattern.

Judy S. said...

I,too, love those roses, Suz. It's so cool the way you've fit them into the diamond pattern of the fabric. Love the colors you've chosen for the blocks. Your Sashiko embroidery is very interesting. Was it difficult? Love the color, too.

Stiching4fun said...

I love the Roses Trellis and I have to ask did you make your roses are they crocheted? I like the brown trim and the scallops.

Your Sashiko is also lovely.

Suztats said...

Figures you'd go for the crochet! lol Too bad it had holes in it or I would have kept it as a doily.

Suztats said...

The diamond pattern made me think of a trellis, so I thought the roses should grow along it. The sashiko is really easy to do once the pattern is transferred: it's just running stitch, and was meditative to do. I hope to do more in future.

Suztats said...

The roses are done with a cast-on stitch. It's a brazilian embroidery type design and I used a rayon thread which has a nice sheen.

cq4fun said...

I like the stitching over your brown trim. It adds lighter color, and also more texture to a block that seems to demand texture. This is a beautiful block. We'll see if it's still my favorite at the end of the year. I have a feeling it will be a hard choice!

Suztats said...

That's true-these blocks do seem to want lots of texture, and I'm happy to oblige. ..lol..