February 4, 2013

Susan: 2013 Goal Setting

This year, I'm doing things completely differently. First, here are the January and February blocks, so you can see immediately that things are different. My plan will unfold through the year, so I'm not going to say anything about the 12 blocks together, other than they all have WWI or WWII posters for silkies. I made them about 2 x 3 and the blocks will finish at six inches. There are seven from the US, and the other five are from the UK, Canada and Australia. Six have to do with War Bonds, Liberty Loans, etc., three represent branches of the US military, and the others were ones I just liked. It was hard to choose from the hundreds there are.

Challenges for 2013:
  • Work in an ordered kind of crazy quilting, hence the log cabin blocks.
  • Restrict the palette of colors used for thread. I'm going to try to stay within the range of red, white, blue and yellow/gold. We'll see how well that works.
  • Explore one basic stitch on each block, trying to keep it from looking boring or being repetitive.
  • Use new combinations of stitches rather than unique stitches.
  • Add silk ribbon to the stitching on at least half the blocks.

I'm still debating on lace. Either there will be NO lace, or I will work on developing better ways of using lace with stitching. I think there will not be as much beading on this year, but I'm not positive yet. I want a very patriotic looking piece. Last year's piece was so completely feminine, and I'd like this year's piece to be at least gender neutral.
You might have noticed there is not one single stitch on either block. I have a lot of catching up to do this month!


Suztats said...

I love the blues and yellows together! This is quite a departure from last year's very pretty quilt. I like the sound of your plans and challenges for 2013. Since you're undecided about lace for embellishments, I'm wondering about including rows of small flags from the different countries, instead of lace. The flags are certainly in keeping with the patriotic theme. Just a thought.
Looking forward to seeing more next week.

Debra Spincic said...

You and I are on the same wavelength in a number of ways. I don't have any scientific proof but I bet it's just hard to keep the momentum going in the same direction all the time. It's good to try something a little different.

I love the patriotic theme. Stars are also good options, as stitches and in embellishments.

This could be a nice companion piece to your Fairies piece. I like where you are headed!

Stiching4fun said...

I will anxious to see how your blocks develop.

ladyhawthorne said...

This will be very cool!

cq4fun said...

I'll mull that over. In the end, it WILL be a patriotic quilt, so that may be something I decide I like. Thanks for the idea!

cq4fun said...

Thanks, Debra. I have a lot of design ideas floating around in my head, but I think I know what I want at the end. They will hang in different places in my house, the Flower Fairies high up above the split foyer, and the other one over the piano.

The two pieces will eventually belong to two sons who are very different in their approach to life, though the older one could have either of the wallhangings and be happy. They don't get them for a LONG time, though!

Cy said...

I like the formal setting of your blocks, and I totally understand about your need to have some kind of order in your project. It is what I am craving for after last years crazy, CRAZY, stitching & quilting.
Restricting yourself to a particular colour scheme takes some personal restraint. Well it did for me, lol. I kept wanting to add a bit of yellow here, or a bit of pink there, and I had to keep reminding myself that the quilt was meant to be turquoise and teal, haha.
Anyway! I'm looking forward to seeing your stitch combinations. That is a very interesting goal, and I shall be watching closely, lol. Will you be using TAST stitches?

cq4fun said...

Thanks, Cy. I'll probably experience the same thing, but I can use different shades or variegated, and I hope that will make it work right. Other colors just wouldn't be right on the plan for this one. Of course, I KNOW I won't be tempted to us pink! I do not like it one bit better after a whole year.

To tell you the truth, I'll look at each TAST stitch, but I doubt that I use many, if any, this year, because of my stitch plan. I enjoy it so much more when I'm doing what the piece tells me to do than when I pre-program something.