February 10, 2013

Deborah: The Year of the UFO - 2013 Goals

Goal #1: Finish the following UFOs: 

UFO #1: Journal Project from (cough, cough) years ago

Below are two sets of blocks that I completed - well, a long time ago. They have been languishing in my UFO pile for way too long. Why? Because I have a terrible habit of becoming obsessed with getting things "right" and I could never make up my mind on how I wanted to finish these. So I am going to put a border on these and get them done. No fancy swags or appliqued grape clusters. Maybe a narrow border and a wider border.

Between now and the end of February I will get the borders on these two quilts. As for the actual quilting, I'm thinking that will have to be done by hand and may take a couple of months. Optimistically. But that I can do simultaneously with other projects. I like having something to work on in the evening that does not require a lot of  stuff to move from one place to another. 

So here is my list of other UFOs

UFO#2: Quilt top for Emily & Craig's (niece & nephew) wedding which took place 2 years ago. Need a border and get it quilted. This needs to be done by July. (see below*)

UFO#3: T-shirt quilt for brother & his wife. In progress as we speak. 

I'm limiting to these right now because somewhere in here I need to make a baby quilt* for Emily and Craig. I can present them with their wedding quilt and baby quilt at the same time! LOL!

Goal #2:  CQJP 2013 but smaller scale this year. Use the embroidered flower blocks & cross stitch I posted a few weeks ago. Smaller blocks and less embellishment if any. 

Goal #3: Continue TAST2013. Not sure what format this will take, whether Iwill use the new stitches on the CQ or do something different. Need to decide.

Hopefully that's not too optimistic since I know other things will come up. I still sew  some clothing or myself and my sister in law.  I do want to get those three UFOs done. I have others, believe it or not. :-)


Debra Spincic said...

Do you want my 2¢?

Deborah McLaughlin said...


Deborah McLaughlin said...

That means "yep" :-)

Debra Spincic said...

I would combine a few of these ideas into one wallhanging- I like "hybrid" pieces and I think they are much more interesting than something that is strictly one technique, IMHO. Besides, we often try something & then don't want to continue it but feel we should do Something with the effort. I totally understand that!

I would take the 4 blocks in the bottom picture, trim the white down, add a narrow sashing through the middle and that would be the central panel. I would use the 4 blocks in the upper picture as the corner blocks for the central panel border. Maybe add a striped pieced sashing or a pretty print. I am imagining those are about 6-8". Then, I would make an outside border of small (4-6") CQ blocks (and that would fulfill the CQJP and TAST).

You could "quilt" the middle section with something like a very thin perle cotton and "get away" with bigger stitches than handquilting stitches. Keep it simple-a crosshatch grid in the background?
If you cut your backing and very thin batting wide enough to anticipate the outer CQ border, you could start the "embroquilting" now and then add the CQ border later when those blocks are done or as you finish them (border by border).
If you pace it right, you could have your piece done by the end of the year and fulfilled 4 goals in one piece. You basically would be moving away from strictly quilting to more of an embroidery approach.

I would certainly keep the applique blocks for myself & consider making the wallhanging a comparable size as your Wed Quilters piece so they could hang together or nearby.

For the relatives, scrap 9 patch or string blocks. Big one for parents, little one for baby. Send to me and I'll do a quick meander. Bing bang boom and done.

OK, that was a lot for 2¢! *wink*

Deborah McLaughlin said...

That was fast! and a bargain! Great ideas, I would have never thought to combine those blocks. I think (if I remember correctly) I was making four blocks per quarter using different techniques. The actual applique sections are about 8 inches. I was thinking cross-hatch for the quilting initially anyway. I already have a top pieced for the parents and 9 patch is exactly what I was thinking for baby. A really scrappy 9 patch.

As usual great ideas. I will play around with the appliques and see what I come up with and post....

Thanks Debra. I owe you a few quilt tops for that advice!! :-)

Suztats said...

The top four squares remind me of the designs for a Baltimore Quilt. Are you planning to put a border on each square, and then around all four? I'm wondering, too, how large the squares are.
The bouquets are very happy. Is that a needlebook in the lower right? Are there supposed to be baskets on all four of the bouquets?
Sounds like you'll be busy with your goals. Busy hands are happy hands......

Suztats said...

Wow, great ideas from Debra!

Deborah McLaughlin said...

These are from Mimi Dietrich's book Baltimore Bouquets. I dearly love Baltimore albums quilts, they just about move me to tears. These are much simpler than most but a lot of fun, and I learned some dimensional applique techniques. The thought behind them was to do 4 for each season. These were summer and fall, I think. Debra's ideas are so interesting. I will play around with different fabrics & see what I come up with.

Debra Spincic said...

If the blocks are dimensional applique, then they would be very pretty with CQ blocks. It just adds to the mix of stitching techniques.

At 8" + borders you could easily come out right at 45" for a wallhanging. In a year's amount of time (& with 8 of the blocks already stitched) that seems like a very achievable goal.

I've done a few seasonal wallhangings and I always have a very hard time representing 'winter' so it blends well. Unless you are just gungho for a seasonal idea, I'd drop that and go with what you have now. Move forward with new ideas.

Debra Spincic said...

Here's another thought that came to me while I was eating lunch-

if you didn't want to make the inner section with the brown blocks, you could use those for outer corner blocks with the CQ blocks.

At 8" you could round that to 9" so 3 CQ blocks per side = 27"
12-9" CQ blocks + 4 brown corner blocks. Your middle panel would need to be 27" which you could easily do with a middle sashing and an inner border.

You could pick up the rich browns & greens of the corner blocks in your CQ blocks and then stitch with the vivid, bright colors of the floral baskets. It would be a knockout!

Also, 8" motifs wouldn't require a lot of quilting. You could probably get away with some echo quilting around the motifs. Straight lines through the sashing or even a little line of stem stitch with some embroidered leaves.

I think this is a very exciting UFO--I can't wait to see how you approach it! Really fun!

ladyhawthorne said...

Debra's ideas sound pretty good. I fear you will be overwhelmed if you don't combine them in some way. Very pretty applique work. I love the look but really don't enjoy doing it so kudos to you! I much prefer embroidery.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I was going through a phase. :-) I've enjoyed the freedom of crazy quilting lately, and the texture of embroidery. I see myself pursuing this path for the near future. That's why I really like Debra's ideas which will allow me to use the applique pieces and combine with CQ.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I had put a lot of work in these so I wanted to finish them in some way so I could display them. I like your ideas and will explore them in the next few weeks. I"m definitely not stuck on anything. These have been around awhile, they need to see the light of day. I'm up for any suggestions. That's why I hang out here! :-)

Debra Spincic said...

Especially with the applique pieces having texture and dimension-- To me they will fit with CQ perfectly.

Debra Spincic said...

I call that their 15 Minutes of Fame.

I can certainly support this project enthusiastically. Maybe these blocks were just waiting for you to develop some other skills. Some times that happens to me. I just don't know what to do and then years later the solution is crystal clear.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I think so too, and in fact, I kept thinking I would add some of these dimensional flowers to my 2012 CQ but just never got the time to make them.
A co-worker who had seen my CQ in progress asked me to bring it in to work on Friday so she could see it in person. She asked me how I knew when to stop. LOL. I told her that was a big problem.... :-)

Debra Spincic said...

When to stop? When to start? How to hold the interest? Oh the dilemmas! and people think sewing is easy.

Cy said...

I can see these beautiful Baltimore blocks as one quilt in a simple setting of the Baltimore blocks alternating with a plain block in the same colour as the background of the blocks. That will give you plently of plain areas to embellish with embroidery. No sashing between the blocks is needed, just a border or two around the whole thing.
Whatever you decide - these blocks are beauties.

Barbara C said...

I thought these block sets went together when I first saw them, and Debra has given you some good ideas for combining them (as usual). Nice work, they'll be lovely pieced into a quilt.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

it's so easy for me to get locked into one way of thinking about something which is why this group is so great. So many fresh ideas - helps me break out of my rut.

cq4fun said...

Great goals. I find that if I make specific goals for a month, I'm more likely to work on those projects. Last month I met them all, and I'm on the way to doing so this month. I just can't think of the whole year in front of me or I might get discouraged and just quit! LOL The blocks are all beautiful, and I like the simple setting idea. I was never that crazy about the swag borders. The two sets of blocks look like fall and spring. =)