February 19, 2013

Cy - Photoshop pics for Deborahs quilt

I have taken crops from Deborah's photo to trial the fabrics in her quilt.

The 4 outer-corner applique blocks seem to disappear in this first photo. 

I like the tan brown border below, but I think it is a "bit too much" and overpowers the applique blocks and the cq blocks.

I think that the lighter fabric border below makes the cq blocks the dominant feature.

Whereas, the thinner border fabrics in the lighter colour, and with very thin borders in the dark batik, really makes the applique stand out more. 
Maybe an extra very thin batik border around the central 4 appliques would work too.



ladyhawthorne said...

I really really like the last one with the idea of also using a narrow inner border.

Debra Spincic said...

Cy, aren't you just the best??

I am going to vote for the last one also with a narrow brown inner border (could be ribbon or trim topstitched on).

BUT, I am still unhappy (yea, like it is mine, right?) with the central panel. To me, having the baskets lined up and the bouquets lined up is not pleasant. I would prefer them catty corner to each other. Or the baskets at the bottom and the bouquets at the top.
I am also not crazy about the middle hole. Maybe a small CQ block appliqued in there would be nice. Or sashing.

As an aside, that one fabric (gold leaf) looks like eye are staring out of the composition!

Another idea would be to put the 4 corner applique blocks in the middle of the outer borders and round the corner with the CQ blocks (like those old fashioned photo corners).

I would just buy trim or make thin ribbon (like binding) from the batik and not try to piece ½" strips into place. Plus, the trim covers the seams nicely without bulk.

OK, Deborah, what do you think???

Debra Spincic said...

Studying this just a bit more--

you might consider making your blocks with fewer pieces. They seem very busy; especially since you are using printed fabrics.
A very general rule of thumb is size of block = number of patches. So an 8" block could have 8 patches (again general rule of thumb)

I think if the CQ were more plain, they wouldn't compete with the applique as much, IMHO.

Suztats said...

This is great, Cy! So nice to be able to see what it would look like.
I prefer the last photo, too, and I think a smaller CQ block about 4" or 5" turned on its point would nicely fill the center white hole.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I mentioned somewhere earlier that I plan to take the center blocks apart and add sashing or ribbon or a narrow strip; also, now that you mention it, they are stacked up in an unappealing way so they need to be rearranged.

Also I have only done one CQ block in these fabrics because I realized in the process that I was gravitating toward dark colors and suspected they wouldn't work - they dominate and overpower the rest of the blocks. Believe it or not, I did realize I had used A LOT of pieces - it was kind of like rolling down a hill, once I got started I couldn't stop and yep, it's very busy. But since I had taken the time to do it, I thought I'd see what it looked like. I felt from the beginning they might be too dark.

I really want to use the batik somehow. I really love that fabric.

Debra, I guess you're talking about the lower left block as you face the quilt - the gold in the middle. It's much more intense in the photo than in reality.

Thanks for doing this, Cy, it confirmed my suspicions. Back to the sewing machine.

cq4fun said...

I also like the last one. The blank center doesn't bother me, as it's a wonderful place for great quilting. I do feel the same way as Debra about having both baskets on the same side, but if it were mine, I probably wouldn't take it out and redo it now.

Debra Spincic said...

Remember, the only blocks sewn together are those 4 blocks. I would rip them out now because it is just 3 little seams on 8" blocks. One set doesn't even need to be undone. It's the kind of thing that I would regret had I not fixed it. Probably a 20 minute fix.

Debra Spincic said...

and cover where all the seams come together (one of my pet peeves!)

Debra Spincic said...

I think the batik is fine. How about using it in the blocks? Since the appliques are so special, you could really limit the CQ blocks. Maybe pick 8 fabrics and use them in all the blocks, including the batik. Go for less pattern and more textural looking fabrics. Do you have any scraps from the appliques you could use?

Judy S. said...

I'd vote for the last one also with the basket fix. Suz's CQ center idea is an interesting one, too. And gosh, Cy, I sure wish I knew how to use Photoshop like that!

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I'm exhausted. ;-)

Cy said...

Lol Judy. I wouldn't know anything about Photoshop if my 3 boys didn't have the patience to teach it to me. I am indebted to my eldest son who spent days, no, WEEKS, trying to help me understand how 'layers' worked. Poor lad. He's a graphic designer, the other two are a photographer and a web designer, so they all use Photoshop daily in their work too. And now I use it for MY designing as well.

Cy said...

lol, not sure if I've made it any easier for you to make a decision Deborah! In this situation I usually end up tying myself up in knots with all the possibilities, haha.
Take a break, go relax with a glass of wine (or three), then come back and see if the decision is any easier.

Deborah McLaughlin said...
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Deborah McLaughlin said...

I'm leaning toward the last one, with lighter colored CQ blocks.