February 17, 2013

Cy ~ Assorted Projects

 Embroidery of Chance 

I started with a velvet square in a dusky pink colour.
 Added random wool tops with needle-felting just to add a bit of colour to start with.

Then, using the TAST stitches and a dice roll #5 for which box of threads I will use.
A coin toss gives me Regular or Irregular stitching.
Other rolls of the dice give me - Design Shape, Line Design, and Decoration or Embellishments for the whole piece.

Knotted Feather Stitch - Irregular, curved
Inverted Feather Stitch - Regular, haphazard
Raised Herringbone Band - Regular, triangle, vertical

The CHANCE part is working out fine so far. I think I might change the way the threads are randomly chosen though as I wasn't too pleased with the bright green on the back of the raised herringbone band. The best way to get a cohesive colourway would probably be to choose perhaps a dozen or so threads that would actually look good on the background, and then have the dice choose which one to use next.
I will PLAY with that idea on the next roll of the dice.

 Ear Ear Project 

The soft spongy ear-pads on my headphones disintegrated two weeks ago and it's a bit painful trying to use them without the soft pad, so here is my solution to that problem.
I am very pleased with the result. Rather snazzy I think.

 My Mum's Steam Engine Cross Stitch 

Here are the photo's of the large cross-stitch project that my mum started but had to give up on due to failing eye-sight.
As mentioned on a previous post, I shall be finishing the last 3 carriages in her memory.

The whole thing when finished is 1.6 metres long (yes, over one and a half metres) and about 200mm high.
That is quite a large cross stitch panel.

I'm not sure when I will have time this year, but it is on my TO-DO list.

 Learning Lace Making 

This is the treasured lace-making equipment I have.
All of this was my mums, and I have inherited quite a few of her books on the subject as well.

The domed cushion for pinning the projects.

Her best bobbins in her custom made case for them.

A collection of her other bobbins in another case she made.

A few of her special pyrography bobbins.

And a pair of very special bobbins in a box.

Well that's it for this week's show-and-tell.
Hope you enjoyed the eye-candy.

Happy Stitching


Debra Spincic said...

Even if you never did a bit of bobbin lace having the bobbins is a treasure!

Suztats said...

Wow! Love your Mom's bobbin treasures. That steam engine cross stitch is HUGE! What a lot of stitching that is.Posh headphones, and your random embroidery will be interesting to watch. I like your idea of choosing threads that will nicely enhance your fabric or fibers.

ladyhawthorne said...

I like the Chance embroideries. My favorite IS the blue-green triangle piece. I love the colors together and how the stitching on top just pops.

For 3 1/2 years I wore headphones like that everyday at work. Mine never looked quite that cool though.

That's a long train!, where will you put it when it's done?

Yup, the pretty lace bobbins still grab my attention. Is there a special story behind the pyrography bobbins?

Cy said...

I agree, those bobbins are definitely objects of delight.

Cy said...

I forgot to take photos of the gold lace-making pins and the pickers, prickers and threads. All such lovely treasures for sure.

Judy S. said...

That's a most interesting way of choosing a stitching path! And it got nice results, too! What a fun train and I know your mom would be very pleased that you are going to complete it. Bobbin lace looks like quite a project. That's a fascinating collection of bobbins you inherited. I'll bet you'll make something spectacular with them!

Cy said...

The train panel will fit beautifully over the main bay window in my lounge. It's a long narrow wall area that really needs livening up, and, AND, it overlooks the rail tracks where the REAL steam train chugs along a few fields away.

I don't know of a story with the pyrography bobbins. Mum just loved anything a bit historical and unusual.

Cy said...

Thanks Judy. I have to learn how to make lace first though, it's another thing on my eagerly awaiting TO-DO list.

Stiching4fun said...

Oh WOW!!! Love the way you started anxious to see what is next!

I love the Bobbin lace...... I saw it demorstrated once very neat,,,,,not sure I could keep track of which went where.
Have fun.

cq4fun said...

Your project is so interesting and so different this year! Thanks for more explanation of your process. I like seeing how it's evolving, too. What a wonderful collection of bobbins. If you have a picture of a piece of your mom's bobbin lace, please post one. A friend of mine has learned to do this and I loved watching her posts each time as she learned something new. I'm quite sure I'd be a confused, tangled mess in no time!