February 24, 2013

Angela ~ Still Quilting

Well.....I don't think I will be getting the quilt done this month, it will be March.  I have made some progress but it has been slow this week.  Excessive data entry at work has caused the carpal tunnel to be aggravated in my right wrist and I seem to have done something to my left elbow and it feels very bruised when there is no bruise there.  Ahh, the pleasures of getting older. 
Since there is not really a photo of progress this week, I thought I would share the fabrics I remember that Grandma made clothes out of for my cousin Judy that got handed down to me.
This one was originally navy blue and white.
The clothes were simple elastic waist shorts and a sleeveless scoop neck top, simple play clothes.
This used to be a very vibrant purple.
And this one would have been perfect as part of Debra's sewing theme quilt.


Debra Spincic said...

I love little vintage prints!

Yep, I feel your pain. Felt it a few days after finishing my Sewing CQ. Had to unbend my little finger because it wouldn't do it on its own!

Judy S. said...

Interesting! I love the print with the scissors. I'm glad you're fixing this quilt as it's a real treasure. Sorry you're having aches; it seems like we're all at that age, doesn't it? Not fun, but as DH says, better than the alternative.

Suztats said...

Nice prints, Angela, and I think you're right about that last one. Hope your aches and pains are soon gone.

ladyhawthorne said...

He's so right! And I was out this weekend cutting up branches to fit in bags. The sun felt good but the back is sore too now. LOL.

ladyhawthorne said...

Give me a week and I'll be ok, except maybe the carpal tunnel...the data entry at work may last a while.

Barbara C said...

We have to baby our joints right now so they'll keep on working for awhile longer. I love your prints, and your hand me downs story. I got most of my childhood clothes from my cousin Irene. I was tall and skinny, so they never quite fit right, but they were nice clothes from the Emporium in San Francisco, where my aunt worked.

Cy said...

Love the pics of your vintage fabrics Angela. Isn't it a great thing to have memories come flooding back when you see a certain fabric.
Carpal tunnel - not nice. I have recurring tenosynovitus in my left wrist and occassionally have to wear a brace, so I have an idea of the pain you are suffering at the moment. I hope your data entry work eases off soon.

cq4fun said...

I hate this getting older and not being able to do everything I always did! I hope your carpel tunnel lets up so you can stitch more. I love this quilt, and your story of the fabrics in it.

I hate wearing the brace. I won't wear it when driving, because I'm afraid it will interfere at the wrong time. I have figured out how to use the rotary cutter with it, but it's annoying! Impossible to do nice stitching with it, for me.