February 17, 2013

Angela ~ Quilt Progress & Saturday Project

I've quilted a bit every evening and I am down to about 2 feet along one side and about 6 inches on the other 3 sides yet to do.  I may very well get done with the quilting by the end of February.
I attached all the layers of this re-quilted quilt with large safety pins.

I did have a small project Saturday that has been needing to be done for months.  I have a favorite, very old windbreaker jacket and have not found a replacement.  So I picked up some fun fabric and rehabbed it.
 The batik look fabric covers the collar and one stripe on one sleeve where I had holes and tears.  I just cut fabric, pinned in place and appliqued into place.  


Debra Spincic said...

Your jacket reminds me of one of the projects on my to-do list. I plan to use my existing robe as the liner for a quilted robe. I am just too lazy to shop for a new one and I think this would be a good redo. Apparently, great minds think alike!!

Good progress on your quilt!

Barbara C said...

I love to see hand quilting. Great fabric choice for your re-vitalized jacket.

Suztats said...

I've never hand-quilted, but my friend tells me it is a labour of love. Your quilt is coming along quickly. A great idea for fixing your windbreaker. I love the batik's colours.

Cy said...

Aren't round dining tables annoying when you are trying to work on a square quilt, lol. I have that problem too. I DID have a lovely long rectangular refectory table (just right for quilt work), but 'dooman' pinched it for his office space.
Great job on the jacket. Gotta love batiks.

ladyhawthorne said...

Actually the quilt is just flipped over the oval quilting hoop on the frame. I personally don't like round tables unless it is just a small side table. That seems odd because I grew up with round dining tables both at home and at Nana's home. They made me crazy because Mom was always using placemats and they don't fit right on round tables. She still does it, LOL.
Wish I had room for a refectory table, I love those. I have a 36" square table that folds out to double its length, it works great for my small home. I do more crafting on it than eating though, I eat at my desk in front of the computer since it is just me here.

Judy S. said...

You are SO clever! Good job on the jacket; the batik colors give it lots of pizzazz! Looks like your quilting is moving right along? Good job!

Stiching4fun said...

The jacket looks neat!

I love hand quilting but don't do much of it anymore. One time I did a "White on White" made a pillow out of it and gave it to a friend & dummy me never took a picture of it!! Probably never do another one.
It is truly a labor of love!

cq4fun said...

I love hand quilting, and find it so relaxing. I've been itching to do some for months, and the opportunity just isn't here yet. I like your stitching and appreciate seeing the design on the back.