January 13, 2013

Patricia: CQ Blk from Judith Baker Montano's class

Posted by PicasaThis is a picture I tried to upload last week along with my 1st block for 2013, wasn't able to, but today I played around & got it loaded so maybe I'll be able to upload my 2013 blk Sunday on Reveal without asking for help. 

I plan to work on this block as well so will give you updates on it.

Thank You for looking!



ladyhawthorne said...

Pretty! Love the lady in the center. I always wish I looked like those kinds of ladies, so romantic.

Debra Spincic said...

Nice rich colors very similiar to the ones I am using in my Madonna block.

Judy S. said...

It will be fun to see how you embellish this. I like the way you've pieced it.

Suztats said...

I love the rich tones of your JBM block and I look forward to seeing the embellishments you choose. Will there be lace?
I like the colours you've used for your CQJP block, too.

Stiching4fun said...

Thanks for your comments yes I plan on using Lace or Tatting.

Stiching4fun said...

I am getting excited about embellishing the blocks.

Thank You for your comment!


Stiching4fun said...

Not quite sure how I want to start on this one, will do some thinking on it this week, maybe do a seam or two.

Thanks for looking!


Stiching4fun said...

I love those dresses & the big hats!

Thanks for looking,


cq4fun said...

Gosh, the Mantano class block is really deep and rich looking. These two separate colorways will give your eyes a rest by moving from one to the other. =) Good start on the second block. Anything can happen!