January 27, 2013

Carol - TAST 2012

Sarah's Travel Journal  

My Great Grandmother was such an interesting world traveller. She enjoyed nothing more than seeing the world from the deck of a ship where the wind blew through her hair and her scarf trailed behind her.  She told me of many adventures and when I was of a travelling age, I decided to see the world too. 

Leaving British shores
Colorado - My journey takes me through sunny meadows and over misty mountains, listening to the music of waterfalls, resting by the waters edge and generally enjoying unimaginable scenery and natural beauty. 
Africa - On Safari traversing the plains, spotting elephants on the horizon and cheetah lazing in the shade of an acacia tree.  Slowing to a halt and soaking up the wild panorama, engrossed in the daily soap opera of life in the wild - magical moments, unforgettable experiences.

India - Land of historic sights and culture
Weaving my way through labyrinthine bazaars, side-stepping bowls piled high with vegetables, teetering pots and trinkets, speedy rickshaws and haggling merchants.  The rich aroma of cinnamon and cardomom wafts from colourful spice pyramids, a rainbow of shimmering saris flutters like a dazzling butterfly and rows of gemstones glitter in the fading sun.

Mediterranean - Enthralling cultural heritage, dramatic and beautiful coastline, mesmerising views, sunshine and serenity.  Holiday romance?  It's getting a little lonely travelling alone!
 New Zealand
 Desert island beaches, cosmopolitan cities, glittering lakes, snow-dusted mountains and the icy grandeur of soaring glaciers.   Great to have a travelling companion.

Egypt - Rich history and exotic ruins
Seeing the sun set over the mighty Nile and being transported back in time, viewing the treasures of Tutankhamun in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.  Pyramids and Sphinx, desert, ancient relics, bustling bazaars, murals, temples and tombs.

Viva Las Vegas!  Glitz and glamour must be seen to be believed.  Shows, thrill rides, glowing neon signs, the rattle of credits in the slot machines.  Swept off my feet in a whirlwind romance and getting married  - only in Vegas

On honeymoon in Asia
 Sipping jasmine tea in fragrant teahouses, stepping into classical gardens with elaborate rockeries and ornamental ponds

Home in time for Christmas
(Hope Great Grandmother would approve)
TAST 2012 began an epic journey.  Working around the colour wheel month by month showcasing stitches on 11 blocks, Sarah's Journal is some 2" thick with pages measuring  9" x 9".   Facing pages each have pockets for displaying samples/variations of stitches, together with a record of each and every stitch TAST 2012.
Thank you ladies for your friendship, support, and encouragement you've been such wonderful and interesting travelling companions.


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Carol, my jaw just dropped! Your book is amazing and absolutely gorgeous. Connie (remember me?~lol)

Deborah McLaughlin said...

Just wonderful. I want to do one now. A beautiful way to display your work!

Debra Spincic said...

I just want to cry looking at this lovely piece of work and remembering the journey I've taken along with you. Whoda thought it, sweet friend, that we would accomplish so much? What a triumph! I am so proud of you.

ladyhawthorne said...

It's fabulous! You've made me want to travel the world over, but looking at your lovely journal is the next best thing!

Suztats said...

I so enjoyed reliving the journey on today's reveal! What a fantastic travel journal, filled with gorgeous pages, and beautiful stitching! I want one!!

Judy S. said...

What a beautiful and fun-filled treasure! This will be an heirloom. Don't know about Sarah's great grandmother, but yours would be amazed by your journal, I'll bet! I sure wish I could examine it up close, but at least we all got to see it this way.

cq4fun said...

No, Carol, thank YOU for sharing Sarah's journey with us! This is absolutely wonderful, elegant and inspiring. Thank you for going through it this way in the pictures. It really brought home what a lot of work you did this year! Another project I'd like to sit down with in my lap and peruse!

Cy said...

Omg, OMG, Oh My Golly Gosh!!!! Kudos to you Carol.
It was a real treat to re-visit these countries (and pages) with you. Thank you so much for all the snapshots of your journey and postcards along the way.
Truly, a work of beauty, a work of dedication, and a work of ART.

Pat in KS said...

This "Travel Journal" is out of this world!!!!!! It sure makes a person want to travel. Admire your stitching an embellishing.

CarolynnS said...

Debra said it made her cry to see this. . . me, too! So breath-takingly beautiful!
I've been looking at everyone's projects, saying that each one is fantastic; then I go to the next and it's even better! Yours is the peak of excellence! Wonderful!

Barbara C said...

Carol, you and Angela have done such beautiful books, and really exemplified the possibilities of taking CQ blocks off the quilt and binding them into books. What gorgeous work, and the format showcases it beautifully.