December 9, 2012

Deborah - More Catch-up

At this point, I'm just trying to get each weekly stitch done, finish up CQJP, and get the blocks for next year's CQ challenge done.

Pretty crowded schedule for the next two weeks but I will push myself to get it done.

My youngest daughter wound up in the emergency room Friday night. She is okay; we were scared it was her appendix because of the severe abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. We were there from 5 pm Friday until 3 am Saturday. I am not joking, not one bit.  She and I and her dad sat on a bench across from the receptionists so she could lie down since sitting up brought on more nausea. It was a long night.  I wasn't in the hospital much longer than that when I gave birth, for pete's sake. I'm just glad she was okay, and was able to rest yesterday and today. She hasn't been able to eat much other than Jello and toast.  We'll follow up with her doctor tomorrow.

Stitch-wise, I'm still trying to get back in the groove. Blogger won't let me upload pictures, so here are the Arrowhead and Protuguese Border stitches and here is the Buttonhole Eyelet Flower stitch.  Sorry to send you to another page.

Meanwhile, I have to wait until February for the second half of the new season of my favorite series It just means I will have to watch previous episodes, or come up with something else to carry me over until February.


cq4fun said...

The Portuguese border stitch looks great in that color. You did a nice job on it. Your buttonhole eyelet flower looks perfect, and I love that thread!

ladyhawthorne said...

Your stitches are gorgeous! I agree the thread is beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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Deborah McLaughlin said...

Thank you both. It took a few tries on the Portuguese stitch but I really like the texture; the thread is my favorite, variegated perl cotton.

Suztats said...

Very nice PB stitch. Love the colours.
So glad your daughter is okay.