December 2, 2012

Carol - TAST, November Reveal

"Home is where the heart is"
Since leaving England at the beginning of the year and travelling in Great Grandmother's footsteps, Sarah has visited eight countries with many exciting happenings along the way, but with Christmas on the horizon home beckoned.

and they lived happily ever after
The End

but would Great Grandmother approve? 

TAST 2012 - 48 different stitches, eleven blocks and facing pages, miles of thread and trims, hundreds of buttons and beads.  Now to turn the blocks into a Travel Journal.

Christmas Trees with a sprinkling of snow 

Christmas Angels and Christmas Roses with a few holly leaves

All wrapped up against the cold



Debra Spincic said...

Who cares what Great Grandmother thinks? I love it!!

Sure a wonderful adventure all year long. You've done a splendid job every month, Carol!

Suztats said...

What an adventure Sarah has had! And now home with her new hubby for tons of happiness! Yay!

ladyhawthorne said...

Just gorgeous, what more can I say!

Judy S. said...

Sounds like you've had almost as much fun as Sarah with this adventure!
Your travel book will be a great memento. I love your embelishments on this one. Sarah and her beau did some heavy duty shopping on the way back home!