November 18, 2012

Cy - Cushion for Mum's 90th Birthday

Warning:  Large photo files....may take a while for pictures to load 
(I haven't got access to my photo editing program to shrink the size)
My stitching for this week - I have finished the cushion.
I can't believe I am actually in England right now.
This cushion that I have been stitching for a few months is finally in the hands of my mum.
It is bright. It is colourful. It is highly textured.
Mum has extremely poor eyesight, so this cushion is for her to feel, and imagine, as a flower garden in full bloom.

We've just had a family party for mums 90th Birthday.
I finished this cushion about 1 hour before going to the party.
She loves it and wouldn't put it down.
A great time was had by all. 
I have jaw ache from smiling so much.
The fabric was hand dyed by my arty son George as experiments for a larger project.
I am pleased to put these pieces to good use. 
There are so many TAST stitches on this project for me to remember and note down.

And here is mum and the cushion.



ladyhawthorne said...

Absolutely Freaking Fabulous!

Debra Spincic said...

What a beautiful bouquet for your Mum! Happy Birthday to Her!
A family heirloom for sure. Such a gorgeous piece, Cy!

Judy S. said...

Truly beautiful, Cy, and for a wonderful occasion! Birthday hugs to your mom! Enjoy your time with family.

Suztats said...

That's an amazing cushion for your Mum! Wonderful stitching, Cy, and it sounds as though she's enjoying her walks through your garden. Have an absolutely wonderful time!!

Cy said...

I have just (sneakily) added a photo of the birthday girl and her cushion to the post above, hope you don't mind.

Cy said...

Cheers Angela, lol.

Cy said...


Cy said...

I am treasuring every moment Judy.

Cy said...

I sure am, thanks Suz.

Suztats said...

Fabulous to see your Mum on her Special Day! Looks like she's keeping a tight hold on the cushion, and no wonder!

Debra Spincic said...


Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Thanks for sharing your photo, I'm not surprised she wouldn't put her cushion down. It must mean so much to her having been created by her daughter and grandson.

CarolynnS said...

I LOVE your cushion! That's the kind of encrusted, multidimensional, textured embellishment I've been trying to do. You have a great combination of stitches, colors, and threads. Love it!

Cy said...

Thanks Carolynn. The encrusted look is only something I've learnt this year. The first one was my Rock Pool project, and then this one, mums cushion. I wanted to put more of a variety of leaves around the flowers here, but I ran out of time and only managed these crochet leaves.