October 28, 2012

Cy - Show and Tell - OT

Hi everyone.
I've a confession to tell you this week.
I've not done any stitching at all..... how bad am I?
I know what you must be shouting and throwing at me at this moment.
I'm dodging and ducking from the all the things that are aimed at me.

But..... to give you something for my weekly reveal..... I've had a glorious week on the farm with family visiting and staying, so I thought I'd show you a bit of "my world" instead of the stitching that I should have been doing.

The Bottle-Brush tree on the edge of the orchard just before the woods.
The black "thing" right in the middle of the pic is the ever-elusive NZ native Tui bird.

These two pics are of our woods. I love walking in the middle of that lot. So many different shades of green, and underneath the old and gnarly trees it is a different magical world.

This is our top field that is our 'playfield'. 
All the 'games' go on here. Golf, tennis, frisbie, football etc. 
It sometimes becomes 'tent-city' when we have visitors over Christmas and New Year.

Heading back towards the house now, this is the small paddock with the loading pens in.
And this is TheTroubleTrio with the horns.
(No I am not in the same field as them. I always keep a fence or two between them and me)

"Buttercup" haha..... butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, lol.

The next pic is "Little Devil" our very own Houdini. Don't you just love those devil horns... so apt. Our little escapee.
I had to run down our drive and slowly creep past to bring this little devil back to the main herd in the paddock.

And when I get back to the garden I find Freddy has beaten me to the lounger.

Hope you don't mind my off-topic reveal this week, but I feel so lackadaisical on the stitching side.

I promise I'll do some stitching before the next reveal.


cq4fun said...

Your cows have such personality. We had a huge bottlebrush tree in our front yard in Phoenix, biggest I'd seen anywhere and my husband hated it and took it out shortly after we bought our house. I always thought they were pretty! Oh, and I threw all my Valdani thread balls at you. =)

Debra Spincic said...

I had some great bottlebrush bushes trimmed into trees until a very bad freeze got them. It was a shame to see them go. What a kingdom you have, Cy! Great place all the way around.

ladyhawthorne said...

Love those cows, they are beautiful.

Suztats said...

If those cows could talk.......heheh...love your forest, and I can just picture walking amongst those gnarly trees. Have a good week!

Judy S. said...

Loved your photos, especially the bottlebrush which reminded me of our years in San Diego! Ah, the sunshine........

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Very pleased you shared your confession with us, lovely pics as usual, just a little different this time! On the bottlebrush front, I've tried a couple of times to grow one, but its too tender for our garden and anyway would have had to be tamed. It's so lovely to see yours in all its magnificence.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Wow, what a great place! I've never seen (nor stitched) a bottlebrush tree. Buttercup looks pretty sweet but could use a trim on those bangs. Little Devil looks like he is telling you a thing or two, like "shouldn't you quit playing with that camera and get busy on your stitching" ~ lol. It's spring there isn't it (sigh); heading for a cold winter here and every year I dread it more.

Cy said...

Such a shame your hubby took out your bottle brush tree, they give a glorious splash of bright colour and attract so many birds.
(Good shot, thanks for throwing something 'fairly' soft, they just bounced off my head, lol)

Cy said...

That was only one direction from the house. We don't get any big freezes in this part of NZ so luckily the Bottle brush trees do ok here.
"Kingdom" yes, I like that description, and I really do appreciate every day that I spend here.

Cy said...

Highland Cattle are so cute and fluffy.

Cy said...

Thanks Suz, It's a bit dark under the trees in the woods, but a great place for a cool walk in mid summer.

Cy said...

I didn't like the sun and heat when we first arrived here from UK 12 yrs ago, but now I've adapted and hate the cold, lol.

Cy said...

So pleased you enjoyed my little tour of the farm Carol.

Cy said...

Oh yes, another TREE idea for one of your tags Connie.
Yes, it's early spring here now. I'm loving all the new growth, and things popping up here and there. A pair of swallows have built a nest on a ledge on the deck, and I can watch them from my lounge and kitchen.
It's such a beautiful day today again, I shall go and sit in my favourite chair and get cracking on the current CQ block again, but first, I must just go for another walk in the direction of the orchard because I so adore the orange blossom perfume that is wafting from the white flower buds at this moment.