September 2, 2012

Cy - August Update - Rock Pool Project

Oh dear, I suppose I'd better 'fess up.

I have not finished my CQJP August block. 

It has not even had anything added to it from last weekends reveal.

Also, I have not done this weeks TAST sheaf stitch.

But............. in my defence............ I have completed this...............

..A Rock Pool in a Fish Bowl..

This is my entry in the Franklin Arts Festival 2012

in the Textile Art Category

The Rock Pool Colony consists of heavily encrusted embroideryhyperbolic crochet, and plenty of bead-work, on a very textured surface.

The actual stitched work is almost 12 inches across. The fish bowl is 17 inches wide.

It took over 270 hours to complete.

There are loads more photos of it on my blog Free Form Stitching

That's it from me this week. Hope to catch up with August block and TAST this coming week.

Happy Stitching


ladyhawthorne said...

So sorry the cq lost out but the fish bowl is freaking awesome!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Absolutely amazing, it's mind boggling. Wow.

Peacock said...

Oh my! Your fish bowl work is gorgeous! Congrats!

Debra Spincic said...

Holy Moley, Batman! I'll have to bop over to your blog and see more!

Arts and Crafts said...

You have done an amazing job, this is a lovely textured piece of work. Yes it's a shame your CQ lost out, but heck this is just as good, well done.


Cy said...

Thanks Angela. Love your comment lol.

Cy said...

Glad you liked it Carol, lol.

Cy said...

Thank you Tahlia. I wonder if it has a sold sticker on it yet in the festival. I'm going along tomorrow to see all the other exhibits.

Cy said...

Kah-pow!! There she was, gone.

Cy said...

Many thanks for your comment Arlene, now I'm happy to get to work on the cq again.