September 30, 2012

Carol - TAST, September Reveal

Viva Las Vegas!
Glitz, glamour, must be seen to be believed, Sarah's had another amazing holiday -  shows, thrill rides, glowing neon signs, the rattle of credits in the slot machines - only in Vegas. 

Suffolk Puffs/Yo-Yos - perle 8, Pistil Stitch - perle 5, 8, coton a broder and various gold threads
Fruit machines take on a whole new meaning! 
Button = roulette wheel (Yes?)
"Love is in the air"!! (wedding chapel)
Thank you Debra for your blue and white "jewels", palm tree and fruit.
More glitz and glamour and a few beads for my Dam
Facing page - the mighty dollar and, expecially for Debra, a Cowboy
Further stitches needed on my block and facing page, but its nearly there.


Debra Spincic said...

This cowboy actually looks like my cowboy!

I hope you will use those other Vegas charms on the facing page. I'm sure you will never get another chance.

I think you prove every month that you really do glitz and glam well!

On your facing page with the back silhouettes of the couple, you might add a patch (machine embroidered) of Sarah & Husband's wedding date (or something wedding-like) to commemorate the event.

ladyhawthorne said...

Super! It really captures the flavor of Vegas. I like that cowboy too.

Suztats said...

I think you've really captured Vegas! I liked the wedding rings and lace for the wedding chapel. Great stitching everywhere, and lucky Sarah!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Thought you'd like that cowboy. As to glitz and glamour - if you've got it flaunt it! I'm certainly not a glam person in real life. Have I really got to get my embroidery module out again, it's frightening.

Debra Spincic said...

Yes, you do! Practice makes perfect.

Barbara C said...

The little gold rings (knitting stitch markers?) and the palm tree are perfect embellishments. I think you've captured the essence of Vegas.

Judy S. said...

Did Sarah go skiing in Tahoe? She certainly did the town in Vegas! Nice stitching!

Cy said...

The card suit beads - spade, club, diamond & heart - are a lovely and apt addition. I love the wedding lace and jewels area.
Aren't we lucky that Sarah has some very interesting stops on her journey.

CarolynnS said...

Wow. Just WOW. You have amazing skill and creativity!!!

cq4fun said...

Love your dam, your wedding chapel (especially the seam with the tear-drop diamonds!) and every little thing. That palm tree makes me homesick for the southwest!