September 2, 2012

Carol - TAST, August Reveal

Egypt -  land of rich history and exotic ruins..
Sarah has seen the sun set over the mighty Nile and been transported back in time viewing the treasures of Tutankhamun in the Egyptian museum, Cairo.  Pyramids and Sphinx, desert, ancient relics, bustling bazaars, murals, museums, temples and tombs a truly unforgettable holiday experience.
Colours for August Block - blue green/red orange
Black and gold buttons courtesy of Debra

as are the gold and black sequins


 Well, this time last week my block was very bare, but Debra laid down the challenge "I think I can".
Will someone please confiscate Sarah's passport!



Judy S. said...

You've either been very busy or else have a magic wand! Looks terrific. Great use of the buttons and lovely stitching, too. King T's treasures are on display in Seattle till January in case YOU need an excuse to travel. ;-) Where's that gal goin' next?

ladyhawthorne said...

Fabulous! Love that couched pyramid!

Debra Spincic said...

I think it is safe to say, "I think YOU Did!!" WOW, Carol! Really super. So happy to see those buttons pressed into service. They looks very King Tut inspired. Lots of great eye candy here.
Your pyramid is fabulous--looks like a snake charming its way to the top!
Yep, love Egypt!

Peacock said...

I haven't ever seen stripey sequins before! those are pretty cool. I also really like the way you couched down gold cording to make the pyramid. The use of bullions over cording is also a very nice touch, and I love the various bullions and cast-ons tucked away throughout the block. Very nice!

Peacock said...

Oh, that's right! I've got to get out there and see those before they leave town! Thanks for the reminder!

Cy said...

Oh WOW!!! Lots to love here Carol. The goldwork pyramid is inspirational to say the least. The black and gold buttons are fabulous. Your stitching throughout is absolutely "spot-on" gorgeous and creative.
Have you got a stitch-slave working for you? That's a lot of work in one week, well done.

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

A stitch slave, let's see, "I'll have Bullions just there, a couple of shisha would look nice and how about a little.... No, don't think there are any takers, but I do have a husband who knows how to work the washing machine, is quite nifty with the vacuum and does a mean bit of ironing!

Debra Spincic said...

Now that's my kind of guy!

Cy said...

Yours is a keeper for sure Carol!
My poor guy is bedridden atm with back problems. Just means more running around for me. And with my shoulder problem it's a bit awkward at times.
You'd be hard pressed to find one whole person if you count us both together