September 2, 2012

Barbara's August CQJP and Sheaf Stitch

One more block in this project is done, four to go.  This one felt like it didn't require as much stitching as the others, probably because of the machine embroidered patch.

Here's a close view of the top portion of the block,

...and here's my Sheaf Stitch, this week's TAST, in blue pearl cotton, at the bottom.

I added some French knots to the patch with the seagull to infuse a bit more blue into this corner.

Louie doesn't quite fit into the sewing room cat bed, but like Cinderella's stepsisters faced with the glass slipper, he tries.

I had a poem in the August issue of the on-line journal The Accentos Review.  And this is a three-day weekend.  Life is good.


Debra Spincic said...

I need to pass out some more supplies--I love seeing them show up in everyone's wonderful blocks! Nice work this month, Barbara!

Judy S. said...

Very pretty, Barbara! I really like the way you accented those cone flowers. The vine with the cast on flowers is great also, and I might have to borrow those colors for my next butterfly. Cute kitty, and congrats on the published poem!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Barbara, your colours are so pretty and think I've mentioned previously how much I like how your vines and flowers complement your centre patch and contrast with the black and white stitching, everything is so "together" - just lovely, as is Louie. Well done on having your poem published.

Peacock said...

Congratulations on getting your poem published! I really like the way you spaced your sheaf stitch around the machine embroidered patch-- some on one side of the seam, some on the other. :)

ladyhawthorne said...

The sheaf stitch is great, the pearl thread does wonderful things for these kinds of stitches. Louie looks pretty comfy, my Chaucer is always trying to fit into things he's too big for, haha.

Cy said...

A very decorative block. Love the sheaf stitching seam. I also like the addition of the blue French knots next to the green buttons, and the black bugle beads along that top seam.

I just showed your Louie pic to my daughter (who has come home for a holiday), her cats do the same silly thing, always trying to squeeze into places that they are far to big for really.