August 19, 2012

Angela~ Seminole Patchwork Patterns in Pekinese Stitch

Pekinese stitch was a very satisfying and easy stitch.
Except for the lettering which is 2 strands of floss, I used all 6 strands of cotton floss for this week's page.  The boldness of the design and the way the stitch works  called for a thicker thread.  I chose to work the loops fairly tight and really like how it turned out.
The date of August 14, 1842 was the end of the 2nd Seminole War and the beginning of the tribe's removal from Florida to Oklahoma.  The Seminole are known as one of the 5 civilized tribes.
The Seminole women have some gorgeous patchwork patterns that are used on their native clothing and are worked in bands in bright colors, most often seen on the women's skirts.  Most patterns have a meaning, from the top:

  • rainclouds (I used variegated blue and love how it turned out)
  • fire
  • broken arrows 
  • rain  (bands of rain, just how it does rain in Florida)
  • river


Judy S. said...

This turned out great! Very interesting and very colorful. I thought worked pretty well with 2 strands of DMC...should have tried all six as yours looks terrific. (Aug. 14 is special to me because it was both my mom's and fil's b'day.)

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm taking your meaning to be that they have passed on, if so, may their memories be eternal. If not, enjoy their presence.

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

As always great interpretation of this week's TAST. I love Seminole and hopefully one day will make a quilt in these designs. A lot of stitching for you this week.

Debra Spincic said...

Back in the 80s, I did a lot of Seminole Patchwork. It's very meticulous (and math oriented) patchwork with great designs. You've interpreted them very well here!

Peacock said...

I love Seminole patterns! You've done a great job of interpreting them in stitching. :) and I also love how your Pekinese stitch acts as borders between the Seminole patterns. :)

Cy said...

Lovely Seminole stitching Angela, another great subject.
Love your Pekinese rows too. Nice designs. I've not seen Seminole in stitches before, just patchwork. And yes, I made myself a patchwork Seminole skirt in the 80's when it was in "fashion".

Barbara C said...

Another really beautiful page. You do a great job combining history with your stitched images.