July 28, 2012

Susan: July CQJP

With luck, I'll have a picture up Monday. I DID actually do a little more work this week, though life has been beating up on my stitching time, really badly! I was away from home 14+ hours today (8 am to 10:15 pm), working most of yesterday (from home) and Thursday, except when I took children to movies (Dark Knight Rises and Madagascar 3) and just having no time for anything. I plan the oyster stitch on Monday in one area, and I'll get a picture of both things up then.

Of course, I may just collapse in a heap on Monday instead.


Cy said...

Some weeks are like that heh!

Judy S. said...

You never were one to be bored! ;)

Suztats said...

Can't imagine why you haven't stitched it already. LOL!!! I'd be busy catching my breath, for sure.