July 8, 2012

Cy - TAST stitch

I've not got much to show this week. 
The days have just disappeared too quick and I've also been having problems with my long-suffering shoulder injuries again, but I'm in denial over that because I really cannot be doing with THAT major surgery again. Positive thinking will make it go away, right?

So here is my TAST Bonnet Stitch for this week. Worked on a square of my hand dyed linen that will  be made into a stitch sampler book later.
These two rows are worked in different ways. The top row is with the first 'wrap' going OVER the bar then under it from right to left (as in Sharon's instructions)............. and the second row has the 'wrap' first going UNDER the bar from left to right before going over it (as in the link Debra gave us, and also in my old stitch encyclopedia).

Personally, I prefer the second method. This sample was stitched with no.12 Perle cotton (nice and chunky) and shows the stitch well.

This next pic is still the Bonnet stitch. An experiment to see if it would work around tight corners. Took a bit of concentration to get it to look even on all three sides. Almost got it right, but not quite, lol.
Pale blue 'candlewick' thread used.

The Bonnet Stitch did not inspire me to get creative, but that does not mean I don't like the stitch. I actually found it a rather therapeutic stitch to work, and I will be using it again perhaps with some experimental seam treatments on the crazy quilt.


Non-existent this week. I've not even got the naked block for July made. Hope to catch up during the week.

Sorry, I completely forgot to take photos of all 6 blocks that I've completed so far. I'll get it done for the next reveal hopefully (if my memory doesn't desert me again).


I have been watching a few crazy quilts progressing through the months, block by block, and I have been very impressed with how lace doily's have been incorporated in the blocks, so when I saw this pile of crochet, needlewoven, and tatted doily's in my local charity shop, I knew I had a future use for them. 19 in all and bought for peanuts.

And this Damask tablecloth...... have been added to my 'embellishing' stash.

Happy Stitching


Suztats said...

Super Bonnet triangle, Cy!
Lucky you finding those doilies and the damask cloth!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

So sorry to hear about your shoulder problems and hope the pain eases soon. Bonnet Stitch triangle sits well on your hand dyed linen and envious of your lucky charity shop finds, will await their appearance.

Debra Spincic said...

I could definitely live in a country that uses peanuts for currency! nice haul!

I agree, the 2nd example is neater. I thought Sharon's example looked a bit messy the way the thread twisted. Your triangle looks like kids holding hands in a circle. I like it!

ladyhawthorne said...

Very nice! That triangle is great and I always love seeing your hand dyed cloth.

Cy said...

Cheers Suz, I was rather pleased with the find myself ;)

Cy said...

Thanks Carol. These doily's etc will not be on my current CQ project. Will be thinking about 'the next' project for them, lol.

Cy said...

Yes, I thought it looked like people holding hands too, I was tempted to stitch or paint heads on them, lol. Actually that would make another experimental stitch...haha... I shall try it.

Cy said...

Thanks Angela, I'll try to get more of the dyed cloth in the photo next time ;)

Peacock said...

what a bonus on the lace and doilies! Great score. :)
I really like the triangular motif you made with bonnet stitch. So cool!

CarolynnS said...

You scored on those doilies!! You will have fun using them!
Liked your examples of two ways of doing the bonnet stitch--I agree with the others that the second looks better.

Judy S. said...

Great shopping, Cy! Thanks for showing the two different ways of doing the Bonnet stitch; I like the second one best but as luck would have it had already done it Sharon's way. (Not that either way has "stuck" yet.) Nice triangle, too! HOpe your shoulder improves right away!