July 1, 2012

Carol - Palestrina Stitch - June Reveal

Sarah in the Mediterranean - enthralling cultural heritage, dramatic and beautiful coastline, mesmerising views, sunshine and serenity
Buttonhole Wheels with French Knots - Butterfly Stitch and Detached Chain
Embroidered Butterfly
Machine embroidered Butterfly and Mediterranean patch
Chevron and Herringbone
Detached Chain and Knotted Cretan

Half Buttonhole Wheels, Palestrina with French Knots
(Jewellery from an unwanted admirer?)

Flower motifs with Buttonhole, Strait Stitch, French Knots and Beads.
Stem Stitched Leaves with Running Stitch veins

Barred Chain combination - embroidered Butterfly using one strand of silk thread
Flower Buttons with silver beads

Facing page
Pocket - Machine embroidered Leaning Tower of Pisa, three Palestrina interpretations
Main page - Buttonhole Wheel explorations (TAST weekly highlights) and Palestrina Wheel

Although happy with my June block it did not turn out as intended as I changed my mind at the very beginning and didn't realise the knock-on effect.  
Well, my six months learning curve list is long and I thought quite boring to all but me so I will sum up by saying that to be sewing along with such a talented group of ladies is a major achievement, thanks to everyone, but most of all to Debra for her support and encouragement.  My goal is to complete the TAST Stitches and make a Fabric Book to treasure.
Sarah is becoming quite lonely!!!


CarolynnS said...

This is just scrumscious! So much texture and so many interesting motifs and colors! I think it is superb!

Debra Spincic said...

Oh, from the looks of it, Sarah is getting along quite well! I wondered what you might do with the one block. She surely isn't interested in that guy; no matter how sparkly the jewelry!!

Another grand and glorious block, Carol! So sophisticated too!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Quite a Mediterranean look. I almost feel like I've been there. You have had a busy month with lots of stitches! I think the larger flower motifs and the beautiful and textural French knots surrounding the silkies really serve well as focal points. It is nice to see the facing page this round also and the palestrina stitching separating the pockets is particularly nice as are the dyed fabrics.

ladyhawthorne said...

Wonderful! My favorite area is the buttonhole flowers, just gorgeous.

Judy S. said...

Fabulous stitching, Carol. So much eye candy,I can't even begin to find a favorite spot. That Sarah sure does get around! Looks to me like you've become quite a whiz on your embroidery machine. How'd you do the white butterfly? Now I'm wondering where Sarah's headed next.

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

It's no great shakes as it was in my machines memory. He has a few little brothers and sisters and a big brother! Now to make one multi coloured!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Thanks Angela I enjoyed sewing the block. It was fun with all the flowers as I had resisted on previous blocks as they didn't seem to be appropriate for some reason.

Suztats said...

Well, what's left to say? It's fabulous, I love it, and that Sarah is one lucky lady! So much going on in this block and all put together nicely. I think my fave bit is your beautiful flowers! Guess I found lots to say after all.. lol

Cy said...

Diamonds are a girls best friend. The fella's come and go, but diamonds are forever. I hope Sarah finds a suitor soon to ease her loneliness.
Such a beautiful busy block. Lots to see everywhere, and very entertaining. Lovely work Carol. My favourite part is the ribbon flower trail.

Barbara C said...

Just gorgeous work, and I love following Sarah's adventures. You relate a clear story with these blocks: what a treat. The small postcard images with the floral trail is my favorite part of the block.