June 30, 2012


Palestrina stitch was new to me, but I had some fun with it;
four rings of palestrina in four different colours
right and left facing palestrina

varying the 'arm'

green running stitch with a palestrina of variegated pink doubled thread:- the 'arm' locks into the running stitch

on the right, two rows of palestrina facing each other with the 'arms' side by side...this reminds me of a railroad track

a palestrina flower--  the stem,leaf and flower center are all palestrina, detached chain stitch is used for the petals
I've used my TAST fabric 'book'

Here's the update on the thread roll-up-- I added a dragonfly. The wings are created with 2 layers of organza, stitched, cut out, singed, and then beaded. Attached only underneath the body, the wings can flutter in a soft breeze.

Isn't she cute?
Next, I added a button cluster.

Hmmm, I'm running out of room.
Here's how the roll-up looks so far

I'm supposed to add a cascading ribbon, now, somewhere..........

I'm thinking the only available places are:
1- above the butterfly
2- behind the spider

What do you think?

I think the block is fairly balanced, so I'm leaning towards having the ribbon behind the spider.

CQJP:- ooops, running late..........I guess I'll have to post later this week as my StitchMap CQ projects are due today, and I'm not quite finished........!
Hugs from Suz


Debra Spincic said...

Looking at your Palestrina stitch tells me I need to sit down and figure out the "arms". Mine are just plain in a row (how boring!)

You have a wonderful explorative hand when it comes to your needlework!

Suztats said...

Thank you, Debra!

ladyhawthorne said...

I just love this piece! So many fun things to look at here.

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Great dragonfly and button cluster.on your sewing roll. Palestrina examples lovely and spiky, innovative working stitch as a flower and leaf.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Lots of really nice samples of the Palestrina stitch Suz. The four rings would be my favorite. Your thread roll up is loaded with some terrific stitching and I can see you are running out of room. The little bird in the center is just adorable.

Sandy said...

You really explored Palestrina.

Judy S. said...

Love that dragon fly! You did some great stitching with the Palestrina stitch.

cq4fun said...

Your dragonfly is definitely cute! I really love how that's turning out. Can you cascade that ribbon from the web down behind the butterfly? I want lots of cascading ribbon. LOL You did a great job with the palestrina exploration. I especially like that "sun" looking shape with all the colors in it.

Suztats said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Sorry I'm late answering.....storms meant we lost the computer for a while......so I read a book. I know, I should have been stitching! lol

Cy said...

Fabulous dragonfly. Palestrina stitch is great too. Your block is lovely and colourful with a 'happy' feeling to it.
As for the cascading ribbon.....why not put it in ALL the places you suggest? Can never have too much ribbon, lol.

Barbara C said...

This turned out really nice. I like the combination of the button cluster and the bullion flowers.