June 4, 2012

Stitch Explorations: Double Row Ideas

I'm just bumping this to the top--I know some will need this week to catch up on past TAST stitches but it would also be a good opportunity to try some stitch arrangements. 

Let's refer back to this sample for the next group of Stitch Explorations, except for this set we are stitching double (or more) rows:
1. Stacked & nested rows with continuous lines  (repeating 1st row of sample)
2. Stacked & nested rows with interlinked lines (repeating 2nd row of sample)
3. Stacked rows with detached stitches (repeating 3rd row of sample )
4. Linked stitches with 2nd row inverted       (here's where there are some fun ideas)--take the
    2nd row of sample, stitch it and its 2nd row is inverted & offset
5. Linked stitches with 1st row inverted       (just the opposite)
6. Detached stitches in offset row  (3rd row in sample with its 2nd row offset --think 2 rows of mtns!)
7. Detached stitches with 2nd row inverted & offset (again, think row of mtns with a valley--^v^v)

So, for this week's explorations, you are stitching 2 or more rows to get a developed pattern.
There are lots of stitches with a V as the structure--arrowhead, cretan, chevron, herringbone, some buttonhole stitches so you are not limited to an arrowhead stitch.


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Debra Spincic said...

Nope, it's catch up week.

Cy said...

This was fun. Sorry,I ran out of time to post my double row V's for this week, so I'll post double (haha, pun not intended) next week.