June 10, 2012

Cy - not much to reveal

It seems I'm not the only one who has done very little embroidery this week. I think our weather here has something to do with me falling asleep all the time instead of stitching. I feel like I want to hibernate. Insomnia, when I had it, was good for my productiveness. I could stitch 24 hours a day then, lol. But not now though.

I've made the 'naked block for my June CQJP
I'm looking forward to embellishing all these lovely seams.

By the way, I don't know if anyone has noticed (or is even interested, lol) that I have tried to keep the darker fabrics towards the middle of all my blocks.
The reason I have planned this into the making of the blocks is so that the sashing only has the white & greys to contrast or blend with. It will make the choosing of the colour for the sashing much easier when the time comes. Even if I stick with my original idea of having black sashing, the white & greys of the blocks will look good next to it. 

BJP (bead journal project)

The other project I have been working on this week is my teardrop bjp.

Autumn Teardrop Pendant

It is Autumn here in NZ now, Isn't it a beautiful time of year.
My pendant this month is using some familiar autumn colours.
There are some more photos on my blog of this.

Hoping for a more enthusiastic and productive week ahead.

All comments and critiques gratefully received.


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I did note this block was surrounded by white and grays with black in the middle but must confess I hadn't noticed that on the others. Smart planning on your part. It has been one of those weeks it appears, for several of us anyway. I commented on your beading on the BJP site, but will repeat it is gorgeous.

ladyhawthorne said...

You are right, no matter if you use black white or another color for your sashing it is going to look very good with the darker colors drawing your eye to the center of each block.

Love the beaded necklace, my hands are itching to do some more beading soon.

Debra Spincic said...

I wish I were making this kind of pendant while falling asleep!
For some reason (I am sure it is all the thinking I do every day) I have been falling asleep on the couch the last 3 nights. Must stop that!

Always beautiful work!!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Gorgeous pendant. Looking forward to your June stitching.

Judy S. said...

Love that teardrop pendant! Such pretty colors, too. Looks like your June block is already to go, just waiting for the first stitch. I really like the butterfly fabric that's been on each block!

Barbara C said...

Beautiful pendant, and it definitely seems inspired by your tree in the photo's background. I hope your blank block also inspires you.

Mary-Frances Main said...

Love the pendant and the block! Here's to inspiration! :)

Suztats said...

That's a nice pendant, and I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful stitching!

Peacock said...

Your BJP is wonderful! I love the orange and red offset by lavender beads. You picked a really classic shape, too!

Great idea to consider your patch placement on the block in reference to what will border your sashing later. I'll be sure to remember that trick!