May 29, 2012


As we're showing our stitch explorations for V's, here are mine:
This is my thread roll-up I've been embellishing, and although I've shown this pic before, I hadn't mentioned the V's I'd used on one of the seam treatments.

Looking at this now, I see lots of places that look like V's.........
Here's a close-up of my V seam.
a fly stitch base, inverted v's in the pink/red variegated thread, and french knots
simple, but adds some dimension, I think
The embellished needlecase I'm making as a gift

I showed a few seam peeks on my Saturday reveal, but there's one seam covered with lots of V's
a base line of  white stem stitch creates a line of joined v's, a meandering stem stitch in green, and wrapped with a darker  neon green thread look like rounded V's, then layers of V's in purple(2), pink/red(2) and a dark green  follow each other and overlap along the seam

a better close-up
I like the movement this suggests

(See the green woven picots interspersed with pink/red x's in the above pic?  The x's look like V's joined at the point, don't they?   Hmmm, wish I'd known we were going to be doing V's when I stitched this---I'd have had more V's and fewer X's)

Sure hope to see your V explorations!
Hugs from Suz


Debra Spincic said...

. . . and the edge of your lace is a V formation too!

With a little awareness, Vs are everywhere. I like your fly stitch overlapped with the V very much.

Cy said...

Well done Suz. Lots of V's to be seen everywhere I look.

Suztats said...

Well now, I hadn't even noticed the lace! Good eye, Debra!

Suztats said...

True, Cy, every X, Y and W shape has V's. And N and M's are inverted V''s are snoozing.....heavens, I need more sleep!

cq4fun said...

Wonderful V explorations! I very much like what you've done on both of the main ones. =)

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Fly stitching with V's, French knots for good measure I'm "V"oting for that! A stash seam, thanks.

Suztats said...

Thanks CQ4fun!

Suztats said...

;-D I'm so glad you like it, Carol!