May 27, 2012

Stitch Explorations-V-Seam Treatments

This week let's take what we learned in last week's lesson and turn it into some developed seam treatments.

We are still focusing on stitches that have a V structure.  Examples could be the arrowhead stitch, herringbone, chevron, cretan, cross stitch, fans, letters, feathers and some blanket stitch formations.  You are not limited to the arrowhead for your V formation.

This week push yourself to use at least one of the 7 arrangement ideas + additional stitches = dynamic seam treatment:
  1. Continuous, unbroken (think sawtooth or a pinked edge along a seam)
  2. Linked, interlinked (think bottom feet overlapping)
  3. Detached, interrupted (think separate stitches any distance apart, such as ^ ^ ^ ^ or v v v v v)
  4. Detached, inverted (think separate stitches with one stitch inverted, various distance apart, such as ^v ^v)
  5. Offset layering (think same stitch with the 2nd run offset, stitches on top of each other)
  6. Detached, stacked or nested (think stitches that look like this <<<<)
  7. Detached, mirror image (think <>)
My suggestion is to use your own ideas.  You could spend alot of time roaming the Net or searching books looking for ideas but in that same timeframe, you could come up with a few of your own treatments.  By coming up with your own treatments, you begin to develop your own Seam Treatment Stash.  Then when you need a combination of stitches for something, you can mentally pull the ideas from your stash.  You might even start a sketchbook or photo collection of your own successful ideas.

Focus on stitches you know.  Use stitches from the previous TAST lessons. Practice stitches that give you problems in a new arrangement.  Ask yourself "What if?" I combine this stitch in this way?

Post your results the end of the week-beginning Wed (so those with late reveals can post first).
Use your practice cloth or another project for your seam treatments-your choice.

Personal note:
I think, finally, this is the key for me!  I have been searching for a way to make my treatments bolder.  Combined with thicker threads, I found that the multi-layers is what I want in strategic areas.  One of my frustrations with the earlier Christmas wallhanging is that the seam treatments faded away.  Now I think I can look at them more critically and see why.  The treatments need a structural group of stitches along with a second layer and then embellishment stitches.  Or, the single stitches need to be very dramatic (in tone, weight, texture).  Anyway, it's nice to see the light-even if it is still dim!

These are seam treatments I worked this week on my TX Mockingbird panel. 

The arrowhead stacked with the negative space filled with chain stitch & detached chain + pistil stitch clusters.  This is a very easy seam treatment but I was floored at the boldness!  Yep, bring it on!

This seam treatment grew from the couched rick rack.  Rick rack is a zig zag (arrowhead) so using that structure as a base lead me to more zig zags.  It was a case of what is present and what can you do?

Those linked mirror image tied herringbone stitches are couching down a ribbon, serving as the structure for bullion knot stitches and adding interest. Again, this is another easy seam treatment with alot of power.

See what you can do and post your results.  Hopefully, you'll have an AHA! Moment this week too!


cq4fun said...

Such interesting variations! I particularly like the first one, but I could see combining elements of each of them into something completely different.

Peacock said...

The first one is my favorite too, though I do like all of them!

Debra Spincic said...

Go for it! I'd love to see what you do ~

Debra Spincic said...

See what you can do with the V formation-it's addictive!