May 13, 2012

Cy - Reveal - April CQJP - TAST - Shisha

----April CQJP block----

I am so pleased that I have now finished my April CQJP block.
Clicking the photos will lead to a larger view.

And because I know you all love close up pics of the seam stitching here follows the seam treatment close-up photos each with a note about the stitching.

TAST week 19 - The Half Chevron stitched in two rows with a 'lozenge' shape back stitch in darker blue and a metallic thread Star cross stitch in the middle of each lozenge.

The Basque stitch is a chain stitch variation and was done last week. This week I added the Ribbon Embroidery blue flowers (possibly tulips?), the Fly Stitch 'stalks' and the beaded tops.

Three different techniques combined on this seam.
Bottom black line is back stitch. Lilac middle bit is Raised Buttonhole. Then silver and turquoise beaded semi-circles added to the top.

Mexican Wave stitch and a beaded edge.

The beaded zig-zag added to last weeks couched ribbon seam.

White beads added to last weeks Crossed Buttonhole (Crossed Blanket stitch)

Not sure whether to call these beads or buttons, but whatever they are it is lovely.
They are acrylic and see-thru with a 'glass millefiori' (sp?) look to the flower in the middle.

I added a row of silver metal chain to either side of my wrapped chevron for something a little different and unique.

The sage green braided chain from last week also got some more stitching added to it.
The purple thread is a wrapped back stitch with a pale lilac single back stitch outside of that.
The irregular chunks of turquoise beads are held down with lengths of crystal seed beads.

I love how this Mandala just grew itself here.
The variegated green middle is raised buttonhole on a spider wheel.
Lime green is French Knots.
Pale blue variegated is two rounds offset Half Chevrons (TAST week 19)
Aqua bugle beads and silver seed beads surround the Mandala
I was rather surprised that the outside round of beads fitted the mandala perfectly without having to 'jiggle' the spacing at all. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

And here is my butterfly for this block.
I hope I can carry on inventing "new species" of butterflies to complete my 12 blocks by the end of this year.

I give you an angled shot of the block here so that you can see the textures of the beads and stitches, and also see the crocheted ruffle better.

---Shisha & Half Chevron FUN---

It has been quite a while since I have done any Shisha work (years in fact) so I thought I would join in on this stitching adventure too.
I have a bag or two of the small round real Shisha mirrors that are the usual item to stitch onto fabric, but I know my supply of mirrors is in the shipping container that I call my "Craft Box" which is outside by the 'man-cave'. I was too impatient to go and search for it so I used what I could find on hand in the house.

So this is the Half Chevron TAST stitch addition to a fun 'experimental' Shisha piece.
The 'mirror' is actually a metal, screw bottle top (no, really!!) from a bottle of Martini Bianco that I just happened to polish off the night before. (Again - some things are just meant to be).
I had to get the hammer out and smash the poor bottle top flat so that it could be stitched in place, but hey, "all is fair in love and stitching".

And a slight angle photo to see the texture of the shisha stitches and the height of the hammered bottle top.

Oh yes, all for the sake of my craft.
I had fun.
A great excuse to finish that next bottle off too.


Debra Spincic said...

Which would be easier? If we all came to you for a month workshop or you come to us? You have such a wonderful knowledge of the stitches already that you can pull from them to make combinations that are beyond lovely. So dramatic and effective. I am in total admiration.

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Just wish I knew you were in NZ when we visited in Jan/Feb, could have called in for a day course! Debra has said it all "beyond lovely seam treatments, dramatic, effective, total admiration". Your reveals are always so eagerly awaited and this week a combination of HC and shisha. I feel honoured to view your work.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Cy, I think your April block is my favorite to date. It is stunning. There is so much I adore about it, but the little ribbon tulips and the couched ribbon are two favorites as is that gorgeous butterfly! Like you I am trying to come up with variations of little winged creatures each month (only you said it so much more eloquently). Love your Shisha. If you come to Iowa I promise to help you free up more bottle caps ;-D

ladyhawthorne said...

All your seam treatments are fabulous! I like that you did the bottle cap, makes it much more personal. A trip to NZ, wouldn't that be fun?

Suztats said...

Wow! Wow! and more Wow! Marvelous layered seam treatments! Stunning work! And I love the shisha 'mirror'!
When are you giving classes? I'd like to sign up now.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

Can't add too much to what's been said - lovely, fabulous, stunning, amazing! Seriously - just beautiful! I love it.

Cy said...

We would have a 'blast' either way Debra.

Members of this group bring out the best in me and keep me inspired to stitch almost daily. Thanks.

Cy said...

Aww jeesh Carol, thank you.

Cy said...

Haha we could see how many "bottle-top-crushing-visits" are needed to satisfy our shisha stitching enthusiasm. Do you think we would be able to see straight enough to thread our needles tho, lol.

I've decided to stick to stumpwork stitching for all my butterflies. That way they will be slightly more unified and hopefully bring the whole quilt wall hanging together.

Cy said...

Thank you Angela, let me know when you have your flight booked, lol.

I'm still waiting for my lotto numbers to be called, then I'll be on the first flight available (after a stop in UK to my family first tho).

Cy said...

Haha Suz. And the only mirror I saw was my reflection in the bottom of the empty glass.

I've got my son to take the shank off the back of some gold and silver buttons, so look out for more shisha on upcoming blocks.

Cy said...

Glad you enjoyed it Deborah, thanks for the lovely feedback.
I'm in my element when hand stitching.

Debra Spincic said...

I would have dropped out a few months ago were it not for this group. Thanks to you too!

Debra Spincic said...

I am hoping next year that we can have a weekly technique challenge. At the top of my list is your stumpwork butterfly.

Debra Spincic said...

That's a good idea. I have a lot of cheesy gold buttons I bought and they would work well half covered in shisha embroidery.

Judy S. said...

That's a killer shisha, Cy! And to think we had our own expert here! Just curious, did you slip the bottlecap in after doing the stitching? Maybe you could write a tutorial for us....hint, hint, hint. Absolutely love your block. The seams are so pretty it's impossible to choose a favorite. Gotta remember that star cross stitch, it looks terrific. Great job!

Cy said...

At the rate we are going through all the new techniques this year Debra, do you think there will be any new techniques left for next year?
I'm about to try the "new-to-me" challenge of cast on stitch, thanks to Tahlia's prompt and inspiring me. That's my goal for this week.

Cy said...

Thanks Judy.
The bottle top was held in place only with the use of thumbs on top of it until the tic-tac-toe stitches held it in place for me. I don't think I would be able to slip it in place after the stitching was done because it would stretch and loosen all the stitching and probably make it more likely to fall out in the future.
That star cross stitch always look great when done in metallic threads as a highlight on other stitching.

Debra Spincic said...

Yes, I think there are alot of embellishment ideas we can try next year.

I'm sure you will rock the cast on stitch. It would be a good coincidence if it was this week's TAST stitch!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

You're keeping a list then! Stump work butterflies at the top, great!

Debra Spincic said...

Yes, so send me your suggestions.

Also on my list is "manipulating/changing buttons"

I know there are lots of ideas we would like to try (I'm Gonna Do That!) but unless we are "forced" to try them, they never happen. Take Shisha, for example, we have all probably thought about it but actually taking up the needle and doing it hasn't happened until this month.

I think we can easily come up with a pretty good list for next year. We may even take turns showing the techniques if we can't find good tutorials already written.

Some techniques may appeal to all and some not, but in the spirit of learning, it will be worth it to try them.
I think, personally, if we can have some more freeform styled canvasses for next year (such as the prayer flag format), we will be more open to experimenting.

Oh, another item I would like to try are those embellished rocks that Suz & Jen were doing earlier in the year.

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

I really don't want to wish my life away, but to have embellished rocks like e Suz and Jen would be wonderful.

desertskyquilts said...

Your April block is completely appealing to me. Love the colors, and all that beading. Must have taken hours and hours! That is a good example of mandala, and I really like how the half-chevron contributes to that look. The butterfly is gorgeous! I smiled at your wine bottle shisha.

Cy said...

Thanks. I sure had a fun week of stitching. It's been raining a lot here, plus I'm suffering with insomnia at the moment, so I've had plenty of time for stitching.

Peacock said...

Great fun with the shisha'd bottlecap! Are you worried about it rusting over time?

I just adore your newest butterfly! Really nice color work. Your stitching is very smooth! I also love all of the raised texture on this block-- the crochet ruffle, the raised bead loops, the ribbonwork! Beautiful.