April 29, 2012

Cy - Reveal - Almost Caught Up

TAST Wheatear 

TAST for this week is Wheatear Stitch.
I used this for one long seam on my CQJP and added 3 seed beads at each point of the stitch.

Progress on CQJP March Block

Had lots of fun with different seam treatments this week. Experimenting with various techniques and inventions. 

This is the 'finished' block that I have submitted to the CQJP blog. I shall probably still add more to it at a later date as I really want something more in that largish white triangle on the bottom right.

And here are some detail pics of the various seam treatments.
(click on these for a larger view)

Metallic threads feature a lot in this block, and I especially enjoyed stitching the tiny stars on this white area. I'll see if I can get better photos outside when the weather brightens up a bit. I had to take these inside with artificial light so I'm sorry if they are not clear enough.

I've had a fairly good stitching week, until Friday that is. I have 'acquired' a rather bad hand infection that has left me with a hand the size of a balloon, which, as you can imagine, is not good for sewing when you can't hold a needle.
But I still managed to stitch one-handed with the help of my Posilock frame stand. Don't you just love gadgets.

Happy Stitching


Debra Spincic said...

So you don't have a trouble (designwise) with long seams embroidered in one way? I ask because I have some long seams on the CQ I am making now and wondered if that was going to look OK. I guess I can do whatever, but just would like another viewpoint (as yours is).

Stunning butterfly!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

You set the bar so very high, but it's good to dream! Classy colour scheme, fabulous seam treatments.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Lots of lovely beads - yay! Very interesting and beautiful seam treatment with all the white seed beads on the upper left side of your block and in the 2nd from bottom photo. The green bugles and seeds looked like bamboo and the seed beads added to the wheatear really makes it elegant. Wonderful block!

Judy S. said...

What a beautiful block, Cy! I love the sparkly stars on the white fabric; they must have taken a bit of time, just like all those beads! Your wheatear seam is great! Nice color contrast with the thread and beads. Looks like you had a fun time stitching this? Sorry to hear about your hand and hope it gets better very quickly!

Cy said...

Debra, usually with long seams I like to use a multi-stitch curving seam treatment as it sort of disguises the long line and breaks it up in a way that I prefer.
I realize that I have completely disregarded that rule with my wheatear stitched seam, but I am quite happy breaking the rules on this occasion, (and, now I think of it, any other occasion too) lol.
I suppose it all depends on what else is nearby to the long seam as well.
If I were to put a cluster of buttons, beads and/or ribbon embroidery on the fattest part of the grey wedge shape, that would also have the effect of breaking up the long seam as the eye would have a stopping point midway.
What I am trying to say is - anything goes. You don't know what effect you will get when only one seam is stitched. Just keep going and adding whatever takes your fancy or inspires you. You could be pleasantly surprised by experimentation.
I'll watch out for your CQ long seams on your blog.
Thanks for the "stunning butterfly" comment. It's one of my INVENTED butterflies.

Cy said...

Thank you Carol, I just 'go with the flow' and see what appears on my cq blocks. ;)

Cy said...

Thanks Connie. I love bead embellishing, and what a treat to go 'mad' on a crazy quilt block haha.
After I had stitched the two blue undulating rows on that seam I just knew I had to fill the empty oval shape spaces with white beads, so I just piled them up for that high round texture that I so love.

Cy said...

Cheers Judy, yes this was a fun week for me, until the hand problem of course. It's on the mend, I can actually bend a finger or two now. Do you want to hear something funny? My little miniature Jack Russell and I have something in common. We are both taking the same tablets, lol. My doctor has prescribed for me the same tablets the vet prescribed for the dog hahaha. It's a mad world.

jenclair said...

Glad to hear your hand is on the mend! Lovely seams and beading!

Debra Spincic said...

Yes, a curved seam treatment is a splendid idea. Thanks for that tip.

cq4fun said...

Lots of metallic thread and lots of beads, too. The block looks so well put together. My favorite is still that green "river" of beads, though. Funny about the meds!

Suztats said...

I love this! I like the colours spread around the block, the wonderful seam treatments, the beads, and how you combine them to create something that's classic in style, yet unique in its design and colour combination.

Barbara C said...

I really like that greenish couched seam. Very bold work, it makes a strong impression.