March 11, 2012

Mary-Frances: TAST couching and Running stitch (make that running behind)

I'm late getting this up, but you can blame that on the lasagna I'm making! Lasagna preparation waits for no man! ha ha! The headline is sort of a tease – here’s last week’s TAST stitch couching:
I really struggled with this, because most of the couching I’ve done was with heavy fibers or eyelash yarns – something kind of bulky and I really couldn’t picture that treatment on this block. However, I found this metallic twist thread and couched it down with a metallic thread and I think it looks great. That beaded swirl was already there and had frankly looked kind of alone and weird and now I really like it.

The reason the headline is a tease is that I didn’t do the running stitch. I just had a hard time figuring out where I would use it. I’d love to use it as a trail to a bee, but alas, I have no bee yet! :) So, maybe I’ll add it in in the future.

In the meantime we switched from cable TV to Direct TV (or satellite) and although that sounds like it has NOTHING to do with crafty sewing, it does! because I had a little TV put into my studio area. I’ve spent the last two days organizing projects and cleaning up. Today I’m working on a lovely embroidered pillow top I found at an estate sale and I’m making it into a very fun pillow…pictures to follow!


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

The couched metallic thread is perfect with the beaded swirl. It has the same feel but isn't matchy-matchy, giving it a nice compliment.

I'm not sure if I need a TV in my studio. Sometimes I think I do and sometimes I think it is best I don't. I can take my stitching to where the TV is but the lighting is less than desirable. Life is so hard ;->

Can't wait to see the new pillow you are working on.

Debra Spincic said...

I could see some running stitches in and amongst the swirls like Jen Claire does. Very nice swirls and great with the beads.

I set up a desk area for stitching in the family room so if I want to watch any TV I can use it. I'm not much of a TV watcher so I can't imagine one in my studio.

Peacock said...

I love the swirls. :) I also like the little pink flower in the lower left-- is that made with detached buttonhole? It doesn't look quite like bullion.

I have a sewing room with no tv, but I do most of my hand-sewing downstairs on the couch in front of the tv. I don't so much *watch* tv as listen to it... or even better yet, ignore it-- it drones on in the background. Oh phoo! I'm becoming my grandmother. She ALWAYS used to have the tv on and never seemed to watch it. She'd have Wheel of Fortune playing on the telly whenever we came to visit, and I would have the hardest time carrying on a conversation because I'd always get sucked in by the television. Now I have Tivo, and I just let my "favorite" programs drone on in the background while I lose myself in stitching or journaling. I'll get to the end of the program and realize I have absolutely no clue what happened in the episode. Fortunately, Tivo lets me rewind and watch it again. Terrible habit!

jenclair said...

I "watch" tv while embroidering...which means mostly listening. Can't do this with all sewing or crafting projects, but it works perfectly for embroidery.

The couching is great--spirals and beads and metallic shine!

Suztats said...

Those spirals look great! A neat idea for creating a sense of movement and adding colour. Is your pink flower the cast on stitch? Very pretty. I also like the geometric seam treatment as a contrast to the flowing swirls.
I prefer to stitch to music, but since my stitching chair is in the livingroom, when DH wants to watch some TV, I get to 'listen' to the program.

Mary-Frances Main said...

The flower is the cast on stitch with Edmar threads! Which I adore - it was one of my first attempts and a bit tight for my liking, but I might add on around it so that looks like a tight middle?

Mary-Frances Main said...

Thanks everyone! The TV is an issue eh? with Satellite (and with cable for that matter) we always got music channels too, so I could just listen if I want.

Oh, and my pillow is up on my blog here if you want to look::

Barbara C said...

I have a TV in my sewing room, and I tend to "listen" as I sew, though the DH swears I'm not paying attention to it at all, that I just like the background noise. I like your beaded swirl a lot. I'm going to work one of those into my project.