March 26, 2012

CQJP - example of whipped wheel

Hi, Ladies,
I was cruising through some of the blocks on the CQJP blog and came across this example of the pink flower I have been trying to master. This is one beautiful cq block.


Judy S. said...

You're right, it is really nice! All those ribs in that partial wheel, amazing! Thanks for sharing the link.

Debra Spincic said...

I am guesssing here that the more ribs may be easier because you ar backstitching almost immediately so don't have to worry too much about the spacing.
I should try this because it would be a pretty motif for some of my bird panels I hope to work on this summer.

Peacock said...

yep, that is a really good example of a whipped half-wheel! When I first looked at it, I thought it was made from long bullions.