March 26, 2012

Carolynn: barred chain stitch, whipped wheel, ribbon motif

In between golf, swimming, and biking here in the desert, I've managed to do a little stitching.

First, practice with the barred chain stitch:

I thought I was doing them incorrectly, but after looking at examples from others, I feel better about them. I will definitely try this stitch in a future block.

I took Debra's advice and added a couple of whipped wheels to my family block. They're tiny, but they're there!

I also added a ribbon motif to the upper corner:

And here's the whole block so far:

I really enjoyed and appreciated all of your responses to Nancy's question about planning the embellishment on a block.  Perhaps there's a way to move those comments into actual blog posts, so they are searchable? Or expand on them and add pictures as examples?  I think those would make wonderful teaching devices!



Debra Spincic said...

I'll work on your idea when I can--make that between midnight and 1 AM-think there might be some free time then! just jkg--good idea.

I think your block is progressing nicely--lovely bouquets!

NancyD said...


Now just exactly "WHEN" did you do this stitching?? It must be your "early to bed... early to rise" mantra. Morning stitching???
I know you golfed yesterday and the day before and out for dinner for both days and ... and....anyway...

Your silk motif is lovely.

Debra, we understand the "when you have time".
Wish we could "cut and paste" out of the blog posts but my computer doesn't seem to let me have that capability while viewing a blog. Can anyone else to that?

Judy S. said...

No, but I often copy and paste if there's something I want to save.

Judy S. said...

Very nice! I really like the silk ribbon bouquet as well as the wheel-like flowers. Great colors, too!

Cy said...

Love the neutral colours on your block Carolynn.Well done on the whipped wheels, and I love your ribbon embroidery. This is going to be a gorgeous block when finished.
I still haven't got around to trying the barred chain stitch yet. Yours has some interesting varieties that I might have to try.

Debra Spincic said...

You could also bookmark pages or posts that interest you in a folder with a CQ subject.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I'll just add my voice to the compliments. Very lovely work, especially the ribbon embroidery.

Suztats said...

Yes, me too-- I love the ribbon bouquet. Your block is nicely balanced, with lots of movement, and the photo pulls me in for a closer look.

jenclair said...

The ribbon bouquet is beautiful!

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Your block is looking beautiful, love the silk ribbon bouquet.

Peacock said...

Carolynn, your SRE bouquet is just gorgeous. The thread embroidered pattern looks really cool. Did you draw your inspiration from _Crazy Quilted Memories_? That book is on my wishlist to be sure! I got a chance to flip through a friend's copy once, and it looked like it had some really neat stuff in it!
I also like the addition of the little whipped wheels. They work really well with the overall composition of your block. I can't tell for sure from the photograph, but did you use a color shaded / varigated thread? Lovely.