February 25, 2012

NancyD - Oops!

Oh dear I think I got my days mixed up.

Am I suppose to post my stitches for the week on Saturday or Sunday?  I see you all have posted on Saturday?  We get the new stitch on Tuesday, right?

I'm packing stuff and sorting beads to go with me on our trip so I can embellish my blocks, beads all over my desk and in my keyboard Oh dear and I spent the entire day in the garden!
My body hurts, my shoulders ache!  I'm getting to old for heavy gardening in the cold!

We are leaving for the sunshine very soon for a month!!

Oh just in case you think I may be obsessed with gardening the next five months it's because I'm in a big garden tour the end of June!!  Lots of people.  What was I thinking!!!

I hopefully will post my chain stitches tomorrow.  

Ta ta...



ladyhawthorne said...

Nancy, according to Debra's schedule your posting time is Sunday 4 pm cst. But we'll take your post when you can do it, lol.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

You must have a beautiful garden to be part of a garden tour. I hope you share photos of that when you have a chance. How exciting. You can see the schedule by going to the tab at the top of this blog. Yes, we will take your post when you get a chance. You sound like a very busy person right now, so not to worry.

Suztats said...

Oh, do have a wonderful time in the sun and warmth, and send a little my way if you can, please?
I know how you're feeling, poor dear. I feel like that every spring when I get out into the garden, and forget I'm not 20-something anymore!
A garden tour? Wonderful.
Happy stitching on your trip and safe journey.

Peacock said...

Some of us are scheduled to post on Saturday, others are scheduled to post on Sunday so that we don't end up all trying to post at the very same time and clogging up the system. No worries! Sometimes we need to slip in to a different slot.
Also, I'm sure you know about, there is an option for creating your post and pre-scheduling it to post for you during your allotted time slot! Very cool feature, if only I were ever done far enough in advance to take advantage of it! and if only I could remember to use the feature when I'm writing my post!
Congrats on the garden tour! I am sure it will be absolutely wonderful! Enjoy the warm days in your near future!

Susan said...

Nancy, did you see that Debra has a page with schedules? It's linked at the top. I don't think any of us are so hidebound that we care if you post at another time, though. =)

Judy S. said...

Hmmmm....might have to figure out how to do that garden tour! After today's tiny sprinkling of snow and the chilly temps. forecast for tonight, I'll bet you are super glad to be heading for sunshine and warmth! Enjoy. Oh, and because Sharon B is from Australia, we usually find out the new stitch on Monday afternoon either when Debra posts it or by going to the Pintangle website~I really need those "extra" few hours! Safe travels.