February 4, 2012

Judy ~ Herringbone Stitch

First, I practiced. (This was a much more comfortable stitch for me for some unknown reason, maybe because I've done lots of cross stitch.) After stitching the "normal" stitch, I tried it closed, tied and knotted. On the latter two I used a contrasting thread, but the contrast wasn't great enough to tell. My book says that if this stitch is done correctly, it will be in parallel lines on the back with the closed version resulting in a back stitch.

Normally, I don't show anyone the back of my work, but I just had to check it out to see whether what the book said worked. It did! What do you all do for knots? (There are some ends that need to be snipped, that's for sure!)

My second block shows SBS's other friend, a butterfly, and you may notice that Sue's facing in the opposite direction. I haven't yet decided what stitch I will use for the top of the hat, but Barbara's work inspired me with how to use the herringbone. (She used 2 colors, which looks very nice, but I'm happy with one.) Speaking of the butterfly, I used the suggested colors; next time I may just change them. Who's ever seen a red butterfly anyhow?

BTW, grass has sprouted on my first block! Check my blog soon to see.


Debra Spincic said...

I try to weave ends in and avoid knots, if I can. On practice cloth, I just use a knot and stitch.
Were you using that little Coats and Clark guide to stitching? I have it and I believe it says the same about the stitch making a backstitch.
You don't need some color guide to tell you what color to use!
Good going!!

Suztats said...

I'm bad....I knot. I know I'm not supposed to, but I can't help myself....I've had some work come 'undone' when I cleaned it with the vac, so ever since then,.......it's a habit with beading and tatting as knots are necessary there.
SBS's hat band looks great in the herringbone, and who says you can't have a red butterfly? lol

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I knot too. When I get to the end though I knot and then run my thread through a little distance between the layers before cutting it off right at the base where I come back out. The back of our work is normally never seen anyway.

Your blocks are coming out very sweet. Color choices are subjective.

Cy said...

Aww this is a cute SBS. Love the butterfly.
I usually knot on the back too and weave the ends in to be more secure.

Jane said...

I'm a knotter too!
You are finging great plaaces to use your TAST stitches with this .. it's always fun to see your post and find where you put them. Good job on your sample piece. Are your SBS's half and half as far as how they are facing? Tried to find the link for the Bad Sunflower Sue... seems like they lost their link when Geocity went defunct.. they were always so funny!

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm half & half on knotting, it depends how flat the item needs to be. I do weave the thread on flat things, usually back & forth so it won't come out. Nice going on the new sbs, she'll be another pretty girl.

Susan said...

Love the hatband. There *may* be a red butterfly in the jungle somewhere. There are turquoise blue ones with huge wingspans - 8" across - in there, so why not a red one, too? (Yep, there is! Red glider picture on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymothoe_hobarti) So you're still authentic. =)

My mother never knotted. I always do. It's a trust issue.

jenclair said...

Sometimes I do, Sometimes I don't, Knot. The butterfly colors are beautiful!

Becca said...

Very pretty. I love seeing the process. I haven't mastered the herringbone stitch yet, can't seem to get it right. Love the tip that you read with how the back will look if it's done correctly! Your lining stitch looks so perfect! What kind of stitch are you using there, a backstitch?

Barbara C said...

I was hesitating about red butterflies too, but I added a spot of red to the butterfly on my current block. Nice use of the herringbone on the hatband.