February 11, 2012

Cy - CQJP & TAST reveal

TAST Week 5 - Herringbone Stitch

I managed to catch up with Week 5 TAST that I didn't get done last week.

Here is the unstitched hand dyed evenweave linen panel that is for February's stitches. 

The working area is 9 inches square and will eventually be put in a journal book along with the other 'pages' of stitches. There could be any number of different stitches on each panel. It all depends on how much time I have for stitching and whether I experiment a lot or a little with the various stitches.
The Basic Herringbone stitch worked in stranded cotton floss.
Stacked Herringbone
 Rows of Overlapping Herringbone

An experiment with curved edges
This next one was meant to be Long and Short Herringbone stitch, but I think I ruined it slightly by trying to do it on a curve. I probably should have at least drawn a guide line for the curve and spacing first, but I hardly ever plan ahead. 

Now this next one is actually called Ladder Herringbone, but I think it is very like a 'laced' Cretan stitch.

I really should not have used three different colour threads in my needle at the same time as it is difficult to see the stitch. Sorry about that. 
And here is a Closed Herringbone stitch.

Started off a wee bit uneven on the left for a couple of centimetres, but then once I got the hang of 'what-happens-where'  things got neater.
And to experiment some more with the Closed Herringbone stitch .....

(I like the solid look of this stitch)

I wondered what effect a variegated thread would have with this stitch.

I rather like the result. Only problem was that it uses up a LOT of thread, but sometimes it is necessary to use quantity just to get the right look to a project.

I shall definitely be using this textured stitch in my CQJP.
So here is my Journal Page so far with all my TAST week 5 stitches.

TAST Week 6 - Chevron Stitch
A nicely productive week for me so far. 
Didn't get too many Chevron stitch samples done, but I shall add some more to my journal page at a later date when I get some time to experiment some more.

Chevron Stitch
Double row of Chevron stitch in two heights
Raised Chevron Stitch
And all together on my journal page they look like this

CQJP February Block
Here is my "NAKED" block for February's Crazy Quilt Journal Project

(please excuse bits of loose thread I forgot to remove before taking photo)
And just a little bit of stitching completed so far this week.
I am so looking forward to more stitching on this block. I have some lovely beads eagerly waiting to be auditioned. And that butterfly in the middle patch is begging for embellishment.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions on any of the above projects.

Happy Stitching


Debra Spincic said...

That butterfly is poised for greatness under your skilled hand!

Great looking stitch combos too--love your work.

Susan said...

I can see that the closed herringbone uses a lot of thread, but I do like the way it looks. I particularly like the threaded stitch on the block, too.

Nicki Lee said...

Great stitching! you are a bit farther along thatn I am. I decided to incorporate both the TAST and CQJP into on eporject and am just now finsihing up January. Guess I better get a move on into Feb.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments

Suztats said...

Cy, i really like your TAST stitching, and I love the look of the closed herringbone. I hadn't heard of a raised chevron, but it looks interesting.
I see lots of wonderful possibilities on your CQJP! Can't wait to see what you do with the butterfly.

Suztats said...

I forgot to say how much I like your fabric you used for TAST--it's gorgeous.

ladyhawthorne said...

Can you tell how you dye your fabric? It's so watercolor-y looking, I just love it. I really am impressed with the variegated color row of herringbone too. It reminds me of the girls with different color hair and their braids I see on pinterest.

Barbara C said...

Great stitch variations, I especially like the closely spaced stitches. Your fabric is beautiful too.

Cy said...

I can't remember the name of the 'stuff' I use Angela but I know it contains alcohol, lol, and it is definitely not meths.
I'll find the bottle in daylight (tomorrow) and let you know ;>)

jenclair said...

Evidently, I wasn't the only one who focused on the closed herringbone! But all of your variations are interesting, Cy. Your block is going to be beautiful!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I really like all the variations you have come up with for TAST. The dyed fabric they are on makes them even more interesting. The variegated threads are really nice as well. Your block is coming along nicely too. Love that bl/wh swirl fabric next to the butterfly patch!

Jane said...

Echo in the room here with the varigated closed herringbone. Now thats a seam to be reckoned with! (I would love to put that on the sleeve cuffs of my blue jean jacket)
Your fabric is certainly at the top of the list for the base fabric I've seen anyone using in TAST. It adds so much demension and there always seems to be a surprise color combination between the thread and cloth that begs for aother look.
Wonderful CQ block Cy, do I see a butterfly or 2 flying off into the other patches too? Love the fabric in lower right corner.

Jane said...

BTW, what were you using for that clear template in the curved area? ( 6th pic down)

Peacock said...

Your hand-dyed fabric is wonderful! Gorgeous color changes, and not at all muddy! I, too, am interested in knowing what product you used to do the dyeing! Your stitch explorations are very nice. In the detail shot where you emphasize the red line, did you use tracing paper to mask over the neighboring stitches? or did you do that digitally? Either way, very clever to emphasize the red stitch by masking over the neighboring stitches. :) In your CQ stitch detail photo, I really like the pattern that looks like overlapping circles-- did you make that by threading through running stitches? And in the lower left corner, it looks like you created a woven bar of some sort.. did you create that directly on your CQ block? or did you weave the ribbon separately and then add it?

Cy said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments here.

Sorry I still haven't found the bottle yet for my dye stuff thingy. I know I had nearly finished the whole bottle on just 4 of my linen squares and I'm wondering if someone has thrown the bottle out (he will be in big trouble if he has).

In answer to Jane and Tahlia about that "template" on the 6th pic - it was digitally created to blur the two herringbone stitch variations and emphasize the red stitch, lol. Did it work?

Cy said...

The overlapping circles stitching is made with 3 parallel rows of running stitch and then threading through twice, first in one direction going through all 3 running stitches that are side by side, and then back again in the other direction. This creates the larger of the circle effects. Then I threaded twice through only the middle row of the running stitch, first in one direction and then the other. Sorry if that is rather confusing. I'll get a better pic of the full row in next weeks reveal and you will hopefully see how it's done then.
And yes, that is a whole seam of needle weaving done right on the cq block. And there is a 'story' to that one which I'll perhaps tell next weekend too ;)

Cy said...

Thank you Jane, thats a very good idea to put another butterfly or two flying off to other patches. I might just use that idea.
See replies below for answers to your other questions.

Jane said...

Worked good, noticed it right off and thought you were on to some cool stitch template, LOL