February 19, 2012

Cy - CQJP Feb WIP - TAST week 7

(I missed my alloted time again so slotting in here).
Long post warning, lol.
 CQJP - February - WIP

Updates on the February block and a few close-up pics of some stitch embellishments so far on this block.

The needle-weaving seam, that was extremely "slow going" last week, has now been completed thanks mostly to my darling "Dooman" hubby who made new legs for my Posilock frame stand so that I could pop the embroidery hoop in it and work with both hands on the stitching. Phew!!!. It is great to be working without having to hold the hoop in one hand now. That Posilock stand has not been able to stand up on it's own for about 10 years, and I really missed it.
Last weekend Dooman was meant to be building a shed to house his new farm equipment. It started raining quite heavily and I wandered out to the barn (where he was hiding) and presented him with the Posilock stand and told him what the legs should look like. Less than half an hour later he gave it back to me complete with new legs, oh yeah, and the biggest smile on his face.
Lots of brownie points for Dooman.

The double row of Cretan stitch.
 The Crocheted Lace piece.
Lots more embellishing to do on this block yet.
 and the following TAST close-up pics are worked on this block too.

TAST week 7 - Detached Chain Stitch
Detached chain in lilac thread stitched closely side-by-side, and the pale green silk ribbon is detached chain as well.

Isn't this a great detached chain stitch "wheel" in variegated  thread.
The centre is a woven spider wheel, and there will eventually be something else in the middle, but I haven't decided if it will be a bead, French knots, or something else.

  My Workspace

As we Tuesday Stitchers are sharing pics of our workspaces, here are a couple of pics of where I do my stitching. 
In this first pic next to the open French doors is my arm chair with Posilock stand holding my CQJP. Threads, beads, ORTs jar & snippers on the table at my side. Thread tray, lap tray and beads box on my footstool. Overhead angle-light for dark days. And outside on the deck is another space where I stitch. The outside dining table gets used for cutting fabric too.
 Here's a better look at the view from my arm chair
 And yet another place where I read and stitch is the gazebo. Love the shade here (so do the chickens), and the book on my chair is The Quilter's Legacy (5th book in the Jennifer Chiaverini's series).
And I just thought you might like to see this awesome scene that we woke up to on Saturday morning.
Have you ever seen a Cloud Rainbow before?
It was just "hanging" there over the orchard for ages. 

My Other Project Updates

No update for February BJP as I haven't even started it yet. It is all "In-My-Head" for now.

I have made the fabric choices for Counties Quilters - February BOM due at next meeting in March.

I have fused the Kiwifruit applique block for Prostate Cancer Charity Quilt fundraiser. The block is now ready for blanket stitch and embellishing.
Block Lotto for this month is the easy Granny's Flower Garden, and fabric is being auditioned as I speak. The only stipulation for this is that the background fabric must be cream.

 And the 2012 Freeform Crochet Challenge work is well under way, but I'm not allowed to post any pictures until the challenge book is published with all the entries in. This keeps it a wonderful surprise so that everyone can see all the challenge pieces at the same moment, and not get influenced (or intimidated) by anyone else's work.

So it has been another busy, busy week. 

Next week has the potential to explode on me as I have so much to get done. 
I want to make a brightly coloured, highly textured cushion for my mum, who has very poor eyesight (hence the bright colours and textures). She is almost totally deaf now too, and to top it off, she has recently had another fall and broken a couple of ribs.
As a very active person in the past, she is now suffering a bit. She loved her garden and spent all her spare time there when she wasn't working, stitching, or crocheting. So that is why I want to send her a flower cushion. To help bring a bit of that love back into her life, and to remind her that I love her even though I am half way around the world from her.


cq4fun said...

Wow, what a great block! My eyes were going everywhere, hoping not to miss a thing. It all goes together so nicely. I am going to play with some flower centers like that, as I've only done closed ones before. Your view is unbeatable, and I'm jealous you can have the doors open. Husbands are just the best tool we have! It looks like you have another busy week planned. I have never seen a cloud like that.

Suztats said...

I love the needle weaving and your fantastic wheel. The colours are fabulous as well as the stitching.
I love your view! I am green. Looks like a few comfy spots for stitching. I'm jealous that you have grass. I still have ice and snow. brrr
That detached chain looks great! I wouldn't have thought of rows in between rows and using different materials. Very effective.
I don't know how you accomplish everything! Amazing!

Debra Spincic said...

You and I were thinking alike on the lazy daisy fringe idea--yours is more developed and I like the ribbon down the middle.

Please let me know when it would be a good time to come visit. I'll be on the next plane. (just joking- well, kinda!)

ladyhawthorne said...

What a great place to stitch, but I'm not sure I'd be stitching, just looking at the view. That's a wonderful wheel, just gorgeous. I've never done any needle weaving but it sure is pretty.

Peacock said...

The cloud rainbow is amazing. I've never seen one before! It's an albino rainbow!! :)
The needleweaving looks very nice in variegated thread! I imagine it took awhle. Blessings on your Dooman for fixing your frame stand for you!!
The detached chain wheel really holds my attention. You've stitched it beautifully! So even, and just the right tension! It looks like you've worked the woven spider wheel first and then worked the detached chain stitches around it, but it also occurred to me to wonder how it might look if you worked longer detached chain stitches and then spiderweb wove those as the spokes? And how would the look change if you wrapped around the legs of one chain stitch, pulling them closed at the bottom compared to if you wrapped one leg of one chain stitch with its neighbor, pulling each chain stitch open? (I think that made sense...)
It seems like every detail I see gets me thinking of new variations! It is so nice to be involved in such a stimulating and supportive group!
I love your crochet trim! I wish my crochet ever came out so neat and attractive!! Did you wet and block it to help it look so nice?
I totally drool over your beautiful workspace and the cleanliness of your cream colored carpet! :)

Debra Spincic said...

We may need a little lesson on your flower, Cy! It really is spectacular. It could be a bonus for us to try.

Barbara C said...

Your work is so precise, I'm always so impressed. I love the detached chain stitches close together: they remind me of a certain species of lavender. The view from your stitching chair is so inspiring, but I like the idea of stitching among the chickens too.

Mary-Frances Main said...

Oh my gosh! Love the flower! Agree on the lesson! :)
And I adore your workspace - WHAT a view! I'm waiting Jennifer Chiaverini's new book! I own and have read them all! :)

Judy S. said...

What a fun and beautiful block! Loved all the needle weaving and the detached chain wheel flower...I third the lesson idea! Nice to see where you stitch...all the green grass and blue sky also. That rainbow cloud is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I have to agree with everything that has been said! The needleweaving is fantastic as a seam treatment, especially in the variegated threads. I've never done the woven spider web stitching you've used in your flower. It looks perfect! Your workspace has the same parts as mine, but I am missing the spectacular view and the embroidery stand, two key parts. Your crochet piece is another wonderful addition. I need to work on learning to crochet better. Mine is kind of hit and miss, just like my tatting. Thank you for sharing the cloud rainbow - so unusual! Sorry to hear you mother is not able to enjoy things she loves so much anymore. I wish her well. Best of luck on all your February projects!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I agree and add the needle weaving :-) ...in your spare time.

Cy said...

Thank you Susan. I haven't seen a cloud like that before either.

Cy said...

Thanks Suz, I enjoyed the stitching. I'm always inventing (or re-inventing) new combinations for stitches. The needle-weaving took forever to do before Dooman fixed the Posilock stand. Much easier and quicker now that I can use two hands to stitch.

Cy said...

Your fringe Debra is much more organized and neater than mine. I "eyeball" everything I do, and sometimes it shows haha.

You are welcome to visit anytime you like of course. What time shall I put the kettle on, or maybe I should "pop-the-cork" to let the wine breathe a bit.

Cy said...

Yes the view does distract me from my stitching sometimes. It's usually so peaceful here too, apart from Sundays when the Vintage Railway run their beautiful steam trains on their track down the hill a bit. We have a an enviable view of the track that any steam enthusiast would die for, lol. I adore the trains too, so I'm happy.

Cy said...

Albino rainbow hahaha love it.
Yes, I understood what you say about the longer detached chain being woven like the spider thingy. It needs stitching now it's in my head, lol. It's great how one idea can grow wings in another stitcher's mind. This is a very inspirational group of stitchers. (Thanks for that idea btw).
Yes the crochet was blocked while wet and left to dry.
And what you can't see on the cream carpet is a strategically placed chair currently hiding a stain from a dropped beetroot, aahhhg.

Debra Spincic said...

Be careful what you suggest! Although, if I were to travel abroad it would be much more fun to go visit stitchers. Maybe you could plan a retreat some year.

Cy said...

Debra, I'll have a look online to see if there is already a tut on it. If not I shall take progress shots next time I stitch it.

Connie, lol.

Debra Spincic said...

ha! Ha! staging for a picture, eh? There's some old song that goes something like, "I'm not removing your picture (even though we broke up) because it hides a nasty stain on the wall". I don't know anyone who lives in a Better Homes and Garden house!

Cy said...

10cc - I'm Not In Love

Cy said...

Not the chair in my photo by the way ;) The stain is on the other side of the room, and the beetroot was dropped by some person who shall remain anonymous.

Cy said...

Maybe that is how the chicken-scratch stitch was invented....

Cy said...

I only started the Elm Creek Quilt series in December and I can't believe I'm on the 5th one already. So addictive. I'll be catching you up while you wait for the new one, lol.

Cy said...

Cheers Judy. I'll look into taking step-by-step photos of that wheel when I stitch it again (yes there will be another wheel maybe next month).

Cy said...

The needleweaving got much better (neater) once I put the hoop in the stand.
I'm still trying to understand tatting. Or rather, I'm trying to 'control' tatting.
Thanks for the good wishes.

Debra Spincic said...

Yea, that song!

Peacock said...

So what you're saying is that I need to get more inventive with my furniture staging! ... um... how would you hide a huge coffee stain right in the main doorway? ;)

Carol Neale-Broughton said...

Really love your everso pretty chain stitch wheel and the band which precedes it.

Debra Spincic said...

You will see that Cy is a very talented needlewoman! and if she wasn't so much fun, I'd be cutting my blocks into tiny bits and throwing them into the trash. So much talent here and it's always fun to see the different takes on the same stitches. I like this group because we use the stitches in real ways that make sense.

Cy said...

..... and some ways that don't make sense but are just plain fun to do ;)