January 28, 2012

Suz- TAST and CQJP

Week 4 of TAST is the Cretan Stitch. Here's my practice piece:

CQJP  Progress:

 With feedback from the Tuesday Stitchers, (thanks Ladies) I beefed up the seam treatments on my CQJP,

Lots of French knots
 more bullions
I used 3 different coloured threads to repeat those in the snowflake material

( sorry it's blurry)

and a heavier thread for the feather stitch

I decided to leave the rest of the areas unadorned, for now. More can always be added later, and I wanted some open places for tatted snowflakes, too.

Now it's time to turn my attention to block #2!

Hope you're having a weekend filled with doing something you love.

Hugs from Suz


Peacock said...

I like the variation of texture that you are achieving with different thread weights, different densities in your stitch patterns, and different heights!

Suztats said...

Thanks Peacock. I'm really feeling my way with this project. I have a tendancy toward encrusting rather than embellishing, so I'm trying to hold back a little until I see how things come together. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I think the stitching you added is perfect. The block looks great and by the time you add those gorgeous tatted details nothing more will be needed. You did some beautiful Cretan stitches too.

Debra Spincic said...

Having worked on a bunch of french knots this week, I know you spent a good amount of time on them too.

Making good progress here!

ladyhawthorne said...

It looks wonderful, can't wait for the next block!

Susan said...

I think the additions you made really made a difference in the block. I look forward to seeing those tatted pieces added.

Judy S. said...

Love that Cretan leaf! You sure did do a lot of french knots! Did you use a special needle for the bullion stitches? My favorite seam though is still the one with the flowers...love the scattering of fr. knots that you added there!

Barbara C said...

Very nice cretan stitch sampler! Your block looks nice with the heavier embroidery. Your additions are very successful.

Suztats said...

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback! I appreciate your comments very much.

jenclair said...

Oh, Suz, I love the French knots! They look like sprinkles on a Christmas cupcake...delicious! The bullions are great, too, and the block is so full of neat little details to catch the eye.

Cy said...

Your cretan stitch samples are great. Love the 3-toned one that looks like leaf skeletons in a row. Great job.

Your CQ certainly has more eye candy now (and Christmas candy hahaha).

Suztats said...

Thanks, Cy. Gotta have the Christmas candy, right? hahahaa