January 14, 2012

Debra--TAST & CQJP--Buttonhole Stitch

I got alot done this week toward feeling organized and focused on my Christmas wallhanging. I was able to think about what style I wanted and then proceed.  I still cannot find the right name for it but it's something between redwork/folk/vintage/swedish.

I have been thinking that I wanted to add a major seam treatment to the center ornament blocks besides the trim around the middle section.  This week's buttonhole stitch worked perfectly.  I used #3 Perle cotton and a crowbar to stitch these Knotted Buttonhole stitches.  Like Susan, I have Carole Samples' templates and use the same few all the time.  I decided to branch out and used one of the comb looking ones for the spacing.  Love it!  Very coarse & cool.

I like the Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch too.  Decided it would be good for an interior seam.  It will be further embellished, naturally!

Here is a machine embroidered chickadee for one of the corners.  He's actually embroidered in silver metallic thread.  (And yes, Judy, you could stitch this too!)

I scored really well this week on my trip around town checking out the Christmas clearance racks.  Pier One had these felt gift tags for something like 19¢ a package and it included the snowflake and a christmas tree. I separated the snowflake from its red backing; unfortunately, the christmas tree is red on a white backing so I'm going to have to think creatively about it.  The style fits so well that I want to use it.

These little darlins were at the thrift store marked 25¢ each but with christmas all 50% off, I got the lot for 72¢.  I haven't decided if the age spots bother me or not.  What do you think?
I had envisioned them in the middle of the snowflake but it's pretty high off the surface and the circle wouldn't have anything under it in sections.  Now I think maybe I could make them into covered buttons and use them in button clusters.  I also snagged some old tiny christmas cloissone charms that will be cool on a seam. 

Once I embroidered this snowflake on the adjoining block, I knew I didn't want to cover the middle with the little cross stitch angels.  That's when the button cluster idea came to me.  I'll have to investigate it further.

I decided I really couldn't proceed with the first block until I had an idea of how it would look with the 2nd and adjoining block.  So, I stitched the major trims on the 2nd block too.  Now I have the 2 so I can work them together (kind of). 
I also cut all the trims for the middle ornament blocks.  And, I pulled out all the little tidbits of trims, ribbons and lace to use on this project and clear out those leftovers. 

I have to be careful that all the blocks don't end up looking too similiar.  (Or, maybe that is a good thing???) I still would like to add the 12 Days of Christmas (small embroidered motifs) since I have 12 CQ blocks.  I'm just worried about crowding the elements.  I know, you can mark that on the calendar, you probably thought you'd never hear me say That!

All in all, a good week!  Your comments are welcome.


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

This is going to be a beautiful wall hanging! Lots of fun details to look at.

jenclair said...

It really is beautiful, Debra! Love the snowflake addition!

ladyhawthorne said...

Tea stain them!

Debra Spincic said...

I hesitate to do that because I bought a really pretty little cross stitch recently with a basket of flowers on it. I rinsed it and when I was done, the red flowers left a "glow" on the cloth. I'm still planning to use it for my Beautiful Garden but I had planned it for something else. I'm not sure, obviously, if the red on the angels would bleed.
I had also thought of just adding a little pearl or bead at each age spot.

Judy S. said...

So pretty, Debra! You sure have a wonderful collection of fabrics in this piece. Does that comb stitch have french knots at the end of each tooth? It's an interesting effect, also the use of the different threads. Any tips for using the metallic thread? The little group I stitched with was complaining how difficult stitching is with metallics. Your finished piece is going to be fabulous, and it's so fun to watch your progress. As for the Christmas tree on white, could you stitch it on with red thread? Knowing you, you'll think of something cool for the x-stitch pieces that'll be just right!

Suztats said...

Oh, Wow! This is gorgeous, Debra! Absolutely stunning. I love how it's coming together. It looks rich, and the embroidered tree decoration looks splendid on the lace background. Your wall hanging is a wonderful compilation of reds, and I am turning green.....!

Barbara C said...

This all looks beautiful Debra. I've looked on line for the Carole Samples templates, and I think they may not be available anymore, but if anyone knows where they can be found, please let me know.

I wonder if the stains on your little angel ornaments might bleach out in the sun. If not, you could try brushing on a little oxyclean or some lemon juice, but I've found the sun works wonders.

You must be having fun shopping for all the Christmas stuff on clearance ( I would!)

Debra Spincic said...

The template I used was a Holbein shape--rectangle next to rectangle. I just figured out that 3 stitches would fill the space so that reminded me of a fork! The buttonhole has a knot at the end and it took me a little practice to stitch them so the knot was right at the surface and not on the thread making a big loop. (oops!) It's not a stitch you pick up and master the first time you stitch it. But the texture is super and especially in the heavier, bulkier perle cotton.

Nabbed a few new pieces of red and white fabric today so now I am stoked! Clearance is pretty much either gone or picked over so now it's time to hunker down and stitch.
I'm going to see if I can turn the little angels into covered buttons and that may take care of most of the spots. I'll report back next week.
One of the stitchers in my beginning group has been trying to get Carole to respond to an email about the templates for 3 months -- no luck. I had heard she bought a machine to make them herself but that's all I know. About half of them are too fine for the size and style of stitching I do but the ones I like, I use alot.

KatieQ said...

I love the way you placed the metallic bird and the embroidered snowflake. The fabrics really work well together. Sometimes crazy quilt blocks look thrown together, but all your efforts in taking your time with the placement is really paying off.

Susan said...

I especially like the red buttonhole near the center. I like that it overlaps, not starting (stopping) right on that red edge, but going into the plaid. Each thing you revealed as added made the block more exciting. I don't *think* the age spots bother me at all. You could brush a little lace dye over it, I suppose, but once it's a button, would it matter so much anyway? I do like the button idea, but I can see that a block could become crowded with different elements. The color red ties things together, so is that enough? I don't think the blocks will come out looking too much alike. I know you too well for that! You'll figure out ways to make each one unique, yet unifying.