January 29, 2012

Cy - Reveal TAST, CQJP & BJP

(Sorry I missed my scheduled slot because of 'the boating' thing. So slotting in at the end of the weekend).

TAST Week 4 - Cretan Stitch
I enjoyed creating these variations of the stitch and will definitely 'play' some more with it.

From left to right the stitches are:

Cretan Stitch in lilac
Various stitch lengths and widths in navy blue
Knotted Cretan in light blue
(this one took a bit of coaxing to get it right, and even then I had trouble getting the knots to stay in place, but I persevered with it)
Raised Cretan in green
Open Double Raised Cretan in green
CQJP - January WIP
The 'naked block' is 9" square. 
I have only got this one made so far.

And just a bit of stitching added here

The Crazy Quilt journal project is my most dominant and time consuming WIP.
I like the addition of the lilac and aubergine coloured threads, and I shall be keeping to threads in blues, teals, turquoise and purples. Along with black, white and greys.
The ribbon embroidery and bead embellishments will probably be in the same colours as well.

Lots more embroidery to add yet, and then the beads!!!
Busy, busy, busy (but very enjoyable).


BJP - Teardrop Pendant - January finished

Very pleased with how this pendant turned out, and looking forward to creating a different pendant for February.


As always:
any, and all, suggestions, help, advice and critiques for my projects are most welcome and even encouraged.


Suztats said...

Wow! Cy, your stitch variations are great!
I love. love, love your fabrics for the CQJP! Your threads show up beautifully, and I really like what you've done so far. Looking forward to seeing more!
Beautiful BJP! Wonderful beading on the pendant.

Barbara C said...

Wonderful use of color in your embroidery, and your stitches are beautiful. The contrast between black and white fabrics and the colors you chose is very sharp. Your beaded pennant is stunning. Gorgeous work!

jenclair said...

The CQ block is wonderful, and the bright blue on the black and white makes such an effective statement! The pendant really has the WoW! factor.

Debra Spincic said...

You definitely rocked the bead pendant! Oh MY! I am fond of big statement jewelry & this is such a piece!

I also love the bold seam treatments on your CQ patch. My only thought is that I hope you can use that butterfly somehow that is in the one corner. Maybe you could have a little dimensional butterfly over the top? It just seems a shame he is all crowded into the corner.

How did you do the ribbon crinkling treatment? that's too cool for school!

Susan said...

Your bead project is so beautiful! It makes me anticipate February's! The stitching on your black and white block is also wonderful. I love the ribbon and how it's embellished, plus the combination seam with the lighter ribbon in the fly stitch. I like the brightness of the blues standing out against the backgrounds. The stitch sampler is a good variety and the open double raised cretan is interesting. I don't think I came across it anywhere, so I'll have to go looking for it.

Peacock said...

Love the colors on your CQ block. Great texture and variety, and I love how the stitches are working with the prints.
Pendant is spectacular!

Judy S. said...

I love your cretan variations, Cy, and wish you were close enough to teach them to me! I especially like the raised green one, but then that double one and knotted one are awesome also. You CQ makes me want to dive right into my black and white fabric collection~love your thread colors and the stitching... then there's the wonderful pendant! You had a fabulously creative month, didn't you?

Cy said...

Thank you Suz for this positive feedback.

Cy said...

Thank you Barbara for your nice comments about my work <3

Cy said...

Glad you like it Jen Clair. I wasn't sure about the block colours when I started, but I think it works ok now I've actually seen it.

Cy said...

Big statement jewellery, hahaha, this is a beast of a pendant at 5 inches top to bottom, lol.

I didn't think about 'fussy-cuts' when I started this block, but you can rest assured that all other blocks will have that butterfly fabric fussy-cut so I can have a whole butterfly in the middle patch. I suppose I could always applique another one on this middle patch. Or, as you suggest, embroider on on there.

The ribbon was just gathered with thread and then 'ruffled' up a bit before stitching down with French knots.

Thank you Debra for your good feedback <3

Cy said...

Thanks Susan, great feedback. I'm enjoying coming up with new combinations for these seams. Not finished with it yet. I've done with stitching all seams now, but I'm doing the bead embellishing today.

Not sure that you will find the "open-double-raised cretan" anywhere as I completely made that one up just to use up my green thread hahaha!!! But let me know if you do come across it, lol, I may not be the first to stitch it after all.

Cy said...

Thank you Tahlia, I must admit I'm rather pleased with it so far too.

Cy said...

Thanks Judy, yes I've had a great month. I won't be teaching anyone the knotted cretan though until I have mastered an easier way of doing it. I don't usually allow 'stress' into my life, but that knotted cretan was not going to get the better of me. Glad I persevered.

And I suppose that not allowing any stress in my life could also be my explanation for the CQ block colour theme I have chosen. Most colours "POP" when stitched on black. So that is the hard work done before I start stitching hahaha. I'm playing it safe, lol. There is a method to my madness.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Cy your reveal this week is fabulous! The stitches for TAST turned out great. I really like the raised green one too. I've already told you on another blog that your pendant is beautiful, but I don't mind repeating. I really like your fabric choices for the CQJP. I love how the seams are showcased so beautifully against the fabrics. I'm with Debra on the ribbon seam. All gorgeous!

Debra Spincic said...

I love that treatment--it's the kind of treatment I like because it has some dominance. I'm going to try it! Pleated ribbon would be cool too, I suppose.

Cy said...

Well thank you Connie, your comments are much appreciated.
Can you tell I'm having some fun with all these projects.