December 4, 2011

True Confessions~~~~Judy

With some chagrin, I am now realizing that my stitching needle has been idle since early last spring when we remodeled our kitchen. Even though someone else did the hard work, our life seemed quite disrupted, and my needle has become quite rusty. At any rate, with Debra's encouragement, I joined TAST and am going to try to get a handle on some of my legions of WIPS while learning some new stitches.

The very last thing I created that was embellished with any kind of stitching was a little purse for our younger daughter's April of 2010. And now said daughter is about to enlarge our family before the year is out. (lots of project potential there, right?) I did a little bit of counted cross stitch in 2011, but that's it.
I haven't figured out a TAST project yet; it needs to be something relatively simple so that I can concentrate on all those WIPs that are hiding everywhere...stitching, knitting, quilting. You name it; there's a WIP for every occasion....and stash to match. Feel free to visit my blog to see some of the things I actually did finish in 2011 even though you won't see much stitching. I'm happy to meet all of you and am looking forward to seeing your creations.


Debra Spincic said...

Well, you've gone and told the whole world now about those WIPs! Welcome. I believe Mary-Frances is going to work through WIPs this year too.

Cy said...

Hi Judy, TAST will be great for getting the stitching on all those WIP's. Well done for taking the plunge.
I hope you have a good year ahead and get your stitching muse back.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Hi Judy. Welcome to the group! We're glad to have you join us, WIPs and all. And, congratulations to the soon to be grandma. It is the world's best title.

Suztats said...

Hi Judy! Looking forward to seeing your work. I became a Grandma this year, too. It's a wonderful feeling.

Jane said...

I know you've been busy Judy, and knitting seems to be one of those things thats been fitting into your life with all your traveling and making things for the Grands. You're in trouble now with all of us to keep you accountable! (love the wedding bag)