December 29, 2011

Deborah: More CQ blocks

I only manged three more blocks today, after grocery shopping, letting dogs in , letting dogs out, laundry (I thought I was on vacation)... My blog doesn't say "hopelessly distracted" for nothing. But, here is the piece with the center picture printed out:

I'm really happy with the quality of the center photo. It only took three tries, first two on paper - one intentional, one accidental. Now I know several have recommended continuing to use linens around the center block. I would really like to do that but on a smaller scale because I like using the prints in the blocks.  I could still do that because the photo is much smaller than the 12" blocks.

I need four more blocks. I'm trying to decide whether to do a smaller piece or work four blocks into this one which seems pretty balanced and complete to me. Two more blocks on either side it seems to me would overwhelm the center photo. Comments?


ladyhawthorne said...

A block at each corner with border (maybe of more photos collaged) in between?

Barbara C said...

If you feel like you have to make two more blocks, you could always put them on the back ;-). I agree, it looks complete as is.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I like the look of this with the nine blocks. It is well balanced and gives importance to the central image. You do have enough blocks until August which allows some time to figure out what you might want to do with the final four.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

After looking hard at this, and discussing it with my daughter, we've reached the conclusion that having the linens in the center surrounding the photo *would* work better. The truth is I was getting nervous about using so many of the linens but we decided this was really a better way to preserve them, that they would probably never be used for what they were originally intended and the likelihood of damage or getting tossed was greater if they were just stored in a box. So, moving on! Plus, since most of them have identical embroidery on both ends, I can use one and keep one for something else. There are several that would make really charming mini-quilts. Or I might just make another one of these so that both daughters will have one. Am I obsessing, rationalizing, or just thinking things through? :-) Thanks for your input! I've already done two new blocks & will post pictures later today. I only have 4 more days off work. ;-(

Debra Spincic said...

I certainly like the idea of a wallhanging for each daughter! They would not have to be alike, either. You could try something different for the other one. I also think you are right that having the linens in wallhangings will preserve them better than tossed into a box and later thrown away.

How would your aunts feel about the wallhangings? My guess is that they would love that every day you passed by your wallhanging hanging in your home you thought of them, smiled and said a little prayer. You wouldn't do that with the linens stored in a box. The linens original purpose was to be used and to beautify the home. You will be doing that and honoring your mom and aunts too! I say, "Go For It!" in a brave and victorious way! Claim your stitching heritage.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

The photos look wonderful.......the whole idea is wonderful. Wishing you a blessed New Year ahead. blessings,Kathleen

Peacock said...

Is obsessing supposed to be a bad thing? I didn't get that memo! ;)

Deborah, It sounds to me like you are putting appropriate thought and care into a decision you only get to make once. Bravo for all your thought and consideration, and for your decision to go ahead with your plan. Debra made some very good observations about the way in which using the linens in a treasured quilt would still embody one of the original intents of the linens.

My own fault is that I stockpile things that would be fabulous to use like that, but then can't ever bring myself to cut into them and start my project: not just vintage items, but anything in which I let my plans get ahead of my confidence or skill set! If my plans get too grandiose, then I don't even get started with the cutting.

Hugs and Happy New Year, All!

Deborah McLaughlin said...

Debra, my feelings exactly. These things have been stored for years and years. I don't think my mother used them for 30 years. Now they will be on display, just in a new way. Mom & The Aunts would love it. One of my aunts had no children and used to say that she would be forgotten because of that. it's one reason she made quilts. So now she will be remembered hopefully for years. Allison thought it was a wonderful idea. I'm very excited about it.

Peacock: I do exactly the same thing. It drives me batty. And as for obsessing: good or bad, it's what I do best. But I like to think in this case, I'm just giving it a lot of thought!

It's great to get all this feedback.