November 30, 2011

Planning your CQJP Project

While we are waiting for the rest of the introductions, I thought I would get the discussion started about planning for the upcoming Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  If you are not participating, then think about the surface upon which you are laying your TAST stitches.

I would like all of us to be ready to start stitching when January arrives.  For most of us, sitting down and devoting time to the weekly stitch is going to require some attention and focus.  I want us to be successful.  My method of thinking is to do as much beforehand as possible.  I don't want to be hustling about making blocks when I need to spend that time stitching.  Toward that end, I am sewing my wallhanging now.  I'll leave it in blocks so I can work on the blocks individually.  By the time January arrives, I'm going to be ready with my threads pulled and waiting.  All the fabrics and decisions about what is in each block will already be made and the fabrics back in storage.  How ready will you be?

I would like to open the blog to each of you as a way to begin your serious planning for a project you expect to stitch on each week during 2012.  Are you really going to just grab whatever scrap is laying on your work table & stitch?  This is a lengthy challenge and I believe you could have a swell piece done at the end of 2012.

I know that some of us need direction & having the comments of like-minded people at hand is a luxury.  So let us begin talking about our projects so we can all get familiar with each other's ideas.

Some questions to ponder & share (you can think of other questions, I am sure):
  • purpose of the project for me personally
  • intended final use
  • theme and/or style
  • color scheme
  • types of fabrics to use
  • embellishment ideas, threads, special techniques to combine
  • size of pieces and final size (expectation)
  • how will the TAST influence my work
For the group's understanding:
  1. Show us pictures of:
    1. your supplies
    2. your ideas--other projects you have done that are similiar or someone else's project as inspiration
    3. your color choices
  2. Do you need help planning?
  3. Do you have technique questions?
  4. Do you have the right supplies?
  5. Do you need more or varied supplies?  Do you want to swap?
  6. What is your course of action?  How are you going to get ready?
  7. If you are working with existing projects, what do you need to do to finish that project?  Try to be specific with your goals
As Study Group Members, let's give our attention to each person's project so we can be familiar with her ideas.  We can share some comments to help the planning phase, I am sure. 


Debra Spincic said...

I also wanted to add that we don't know much about each other or our work habits and style. I don't know what colors you enjoy or how you approach projects. So you need to clue us in.

This challenge isn't just about learning 52 stitches. It is also about finishing something. So let us help but give us information. If you have to do some thinking out loud to figure out what you want to do, that's fine. I don't mind listening to someone else. Often another person can pick up on something that seemed so obvious to us.

Suztats said...

I've been thinking about this and pondering what surface I'll use for my TAST. I'm thinking something with a fairly open weave to it so that I can use the lines for even rows when stitching. I have some nice material (unknown...a second-hand shop find....but feels like a very soft, shiny, but heavy cotton) in ecru that would make lovely book pages. I suppose I could pencil in straight lines when they're needed. Still thinking of this as I want to have something that is not only functional, but also beautiful.

Debra Spincic said...

Suz, can you start a post with pics of your fabric and some of your ideas?

Suztats said...

I will once I get them sorted....may be several days, though. It's our choir's Christmas concert week......3 concerts and a dress rehearsal so I'm a little short of time. And I have to bake, too! So not until next week.

Debra Spincic said...

I know this is a busy time for most of us!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I have some (I believe it is called) Aida fabric. Like Suz I want a fabric with lines/fibers to allow for even stitching. I am hoping to learn new stitches and experiment a little with those stitches. I am actually thinking of making fabric tags of some sort with a rivet at the end so I can hang them on a rod or something that will be easy to access. I will play with this idea a bit and I'm not so concerned with having the shape figured out. I can always shape the fabric later as long as I know what fabrics I'll be using. I like the idea of trying different fabrics, but I can do that on my CQ blocks if I want or even later on. The main thing to me is to have a reference library of stitches built up and to learn how those stitches are done.

Jane said...

I've been reading this over a bit and trying to form it all in my mind so I can verbalize it along with the pics I'll be posting soon. Lots of food for thought Debra.. gez, if I could only be as organized in my brain as you are. Thanks... this has been a very helpful post as to intent

Cy said...

I started thinking about my colour scheme a couple of days ago and I got rather panicky about it. I'll explain it in a post.