November 27, 2011

Introduction: Angela

Hello, I'm Angela.
My grandmother taught me to cross stitch when I was 4 and I haven't stopped stitching since.  Hand embroidery of all sorts is my favorite, mostly self taught from old books.  Past projects include quilt tops and hand quilting, clothes and household items.  If there's a craft out there I have probably tried it or have plans to do so.  I have an etsy store where I sell my handmade glass saint pendants among other things.  Beading is a newer interest that blends well with the embroidery.

My full time work during the week is handling Ebay and Etsy accounts & sales for local company that buys & sells jewelry and precious metals.  On Wednesdays there's a small sewing circle to attend with friends where we work on whatever projects we have going.

I'm participating in TAST only, as I don't feel I can add more right now.  I'm planning to make a fabric art journal of even-weave linen, a page for each stitch and I'll let the stitches dictate how that proceeds.  I'd rather not plan it out very much but let the creativity take over as I go.

I'm single and live with 2 cats near Houston in a small house decorated in a Pre-Raphaelite style.  The medieval to renaissance time period is my favorite and collecting vintage and antique cookbooks has become a passion, trying out the recipes with varying degrees of success and pleasure.  


Debra Spincic said...

Wednesday night stitching may prove to be a great time to try the Tuesday stitches.

How big are your journal pages going to be?

jenclair said...

I think I weekly stitching night would be great fun. None of my friends locally are into sewing, so I depend on the web for stitching companionship!

Cy said...

Nice to meet you Angela. Sounds like you were born to stitch (just like me, lol).

Suztats said...

Hi Angela! It must be nice to belong to a stitching group. I envy that. I'm doing TAST, too, but I'm not sure about creating a fabric book or combining the stitches with the CQ project. Maybe I'll do a little of both. Nice to meet you.

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm not sure yet how big the journal will be, I haven't had time to plan that far ahead.
The only problem with embroidering at the sewing circle is that the lighting is not so good for my old eyes. I tend to take knitting or something that does not require fine stitching.

Jane said...

Hi Angela, so good to meet you. How will you be doing TAST, on a sampler, band or something else? I can't believe I've found another who enjoys the Pre-Raphaelite period of art as well. Waterhouse is one of my favorites. Glad to see you here!