November 27, 2011

Debra: Introduction

Hi!  this is Debra and I'll be the hostess for our small study group. 

I've been stitching consistently all my life.  I started in the elementary years and continued forward.  I learned from my mom and then studied for a home ec degree.  I've taught during various times of my life but now I work full-time in my studio on projects I want.

My focus is two-fold.  I have a Quilt Ministry where I make scrap quilts for families in need in my community. I use lots of recycled and thrifted supplies for these quilts.  My friends have generously supplied me with tops I can quilt and give as part of my ministry.  This is on-going & I spend most days of the week focused on reducing my stash by making these quilts.

My other focus is on embroidery.  I generally do as much machine embroidery as I can but I like to complement it with hand embroidery. My hope is that during 2012 I will take the time to slow down and enjoy the handwork. 

My general style is collage.  I tend to incorporate lots of natural elements, such as birds, flowers and butterflies.  Since I could not draw my way out of a paper bag, I rely on digitized designs, copyright free designs and fabric motifs to comprise my compositions.  My work tends to be busy and I am trying to get some control there!  Crazy quilting brings out the obsessive compulsive part of my personality so I have to watch how much I do. 

I blog almost daily and like to chat with friends on Facebook (friend me as Debra Spincic).
I live with my husband, Wes and 2 golden retrievers on an almost dried up lake north of Houston.  My married son, Brent, is a chef for a major grocery store in Texas. 

I'm happy to have you join me!  Let the fun begin!


Debra Spincic said...

P.S. The talented Barbara made the scarf in my photo!

Suztats said...

Debra I would like to post my introduction, but it seems I'm missing a link? I'm not very savvy when it comes to computer tech stuff, so perhaps you would contact me. Thanks.
I know you sent me a link, but it would not open a second time for me to use. Thanks.

Cy said...

Hi Debra, thank you for initiating the Tuesday Stitch study group. It is just what I need to keep me on track, and I am pleased to have joined this group for the sharing of ideas, support, and camaraderie.
Let the fun begin.

Debra Spincic said...

Great, always happy to have other stitchers on board. It's great to have our own hangout spot too.

Suztats said...

Hey Debra! Looks like I got on board. It's so nice to have a personal introduction to everyone participating in the challenge(s) to learn of each others' skills. It looks as though there will be much to see, learn, and share over the next year! Yes!
Thanks so much.

Jane said...

Thanks again Debra for setting this up. I'm sure this will become a great group of support and will allow us all to become better at what we do. So good to get back in aquaintance with you again!